Meal 7/12

It’s beginning to look a lot like… winter warmers are a requirement. It is FREEZING. Ok, those of you in Scotland are probably like “Hun, it’s not even in the minuses yet, behave” but I’m CHILLY. I’m sat typing this with big fluffy bed socks on and the heating is up full whack.

Last week was a mixed bag, we did and we didn’t..

  • Monday :: White chilli chicken – loved it. Edith hated it. She’s been really difficult all week though!
  • Tuesday :: Beef stew – always a win!
  • Wednesday :: Fish green thai curry – they all HATED it. I couldn’t bring myself to eat it because of the skin. Grim. Ended up with toast…
  • Thursday :: Chicken Fajita pasta – I was craving fish and chips…
  • Friday :: Takeaway – oh you thought fish and chips would mean we didn’t takeaway? Yeah, no…
  • Saturday :: Spanish chicken – my fave meal for WEEKS, it was amazing.
  • Sunday :: Pizza chicken – we went to see my in laws (tier 2, stayed outside) and had some food with them!

So, this week…

Monday :: McDonalds!

Adam is going to take the kids through to McDonalds as he is collecting some friend’s kids from school (we are childcare bubbles for one another.)

Tuesday :: Pizza chicken

As we didn’t have it on Sunday, I thought it made sense to have it this week. I really want to try it and I bought all the ingredients so there we go! Recipe is from The Slow Roasted Italian.

Wednesday :: Baked Tortellini

This looks like something that we would all enjoy, I’m giving it a go! Recipe is from Instrupix.

Thursday :: Veg curry

How this will go down I’m not sure. Edith is being really difficult lately, any kind of veg she can see she just won’t eat it… which means she is spending a lot of time very cross because I’m a real stickler for “I’m not a restaurant”. I might actually hack it and blend her curry so it looks like it’s just sauce… This is from Recipe Tin Eats.

Friday :: Takeaway

Saturday :: Shakshuka

I love shakshuka and so do the boys… again, Edith is a minx. I just work on the principal of “if you don’t like it, tough” and I will give her extra of what I know she does like and a touch of the stuff she doesn’t. She won’t be eating an egg, the boys will have 2… and then ask for another 2… basically I bought a 15 pack of eggs for the 4 of us and they will probs try to convince me to cook em all! This is from Joyfully Healthy Eats.

Sunday :: Steak Pie

You can’t beat it, especially on a Sunday in the dead of winter. I will probably have a bit leftover and the kids will fight over who gets to eat it for lunch the next day!

H 🙂 X

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  1. Avatar December 7, 2020 / 8:52 pm

    Spooky, I saved that baked tortellini recipe to do at some point- think the OH will think filled pasta is weird. And we love pizza chicken here. We do it 2 ways, stuffed or topped.

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