Toby & Roo Pets Christmas Gift Guide 2020

We’ve had the gift guide for grown ups, we’ve had the gift guide for kids but there is one very important member of the family that I simply cannot, in all good conscience, ignore… and that is pets.

Yep, pets. Every year in the UK we spend more and more on, in fact this year a reported 900million will be spent on our furry friends, which if I’m honest really cracks me up. We all know it’s not really for the pet, but more for the effect it has on us to see everyone getting SOMETHING. We do it with the dogs, the get Christmas lunch (Lily’s Kitchen!) and the cat gets some nibbles or something cat nip esque. This year I went one step further and ordered Bibi a new bed… I mean it was for me, but I said it was an early Xmas pressie for her.

So with that in mind, here are some of the products I’ve found for your pet friends that I think are an absolute must!


Cactus cat scratcher from Red Candy £65

My only beef with this is that there is nowhere for the cat to perch and just have a snooze, but other than that, it’s brill – modern and fun, I’m seriously considering one for Oreo and Rascal. Find it here.

Cat bed from Archie & Oscar £81.99

I so nearly bought this for Oreo when she first arrived but I just wasn’t convinced we needed it, and low and behold, her fave places to sleep are in the living room on the sofa, on the radiators and under Edith’s pink bed IF she can get in the room! I do love this though, and the fact that it can double as a side table is *chef kiss*. Find it here.

Dreamies Christmas Gift Box £4.99

Yes, I realise I’m not exactly pushing the boat out with this one, nor is it exactly an exciting one for me to find for you BUT, I felt like I had to include this because Rascal is OBSESSED with Dreamies. I bought them just after we brought Oreo home, thinking it might coax her out of her shell and encourage her to be a bit brave… no no, it was Rascal who was like YES, I will have them, and now he’s like the cats in the ad – as soon as he hears the bag he’s there! Find this Christmas box here.

Bronx pet side table from Next £180

It’s a side table with a place for a litter tray or bed. GENIUS. It says pet table but my chihuahua wouldn’t get up in there, so I really think it’s more for cats. I love it – I might still buy it! Find it here.

Unique climbing frame from Homary £79 – 85

I can’t. I’m sorry I just can’t. These crack me up so much every single time! I think the unicorn is my fave, but I know for a fact that Toby would love the giraffe. It’s one of those things that would look so cool in a kid’s room. Find it here.

Pawlitician cat toy from Pet Hates Toys £8.49

These have tickled me. Whether you are buying the politician because you’re a fan or you’ll get a kick out of watching your cat bunny kick the daylights out of a doll, or because you just think they look funny, I’m highly amused by these. You can find them here. P.S : They do a dog version too!


“Oh bugger, I’m lost.” collar tag from Sweet William Designs £12.95

This made me smile! Simple, practical and fun! Find it here.

Kong & Easy Treat £6.99 each

I have yet to meet a dog that doesn’t love these. They are the dog version of candy, and with the Kong toys (though they can be used with any) they are going to give your pup a jaw workout! Find them… anywhere actually!

ChuckIt Glo ball £11.99

Ok look, is it the most glam prezzie? Again, no, but it’s one of those toys that I think is a must for these winter months. I’m getting up in the dark, I’m coming home from getting the kids in the dark, I think it’s something that could be really useful for those dark walks! Find it here.

Furbo Dog Camera £139

More for you than the dog but absolutely a win. We worked with furbo last month and I can’t tell you how much we love ours. Yoda gets more treats now than ever before, it allows me to talk to him when he is barking his head off at the postie and I’m out, it’s just a really great product for anyone. Find it here.

Tiny Wolf jumper £45

Yep, it’s pricey, but in my long term experience of having a dog that really needs a jumper throughout the colder months, one or two pricey, well made ones are the ticket. She can sleep in it to help her snooze better, she can go for walks in it underneath a waterproof coat – it’s the way forward. Find it here.

Pet bowls from Qt products £22.99 +

I didn’t realise that pets should ideally have a raised pet bowl, regardless of their size but apparently that is the case! These are available in a huge range of colours and sizes, plus they are personalised! Find them here.

Small Pets

Festive loofah gnaw set £3

These are really cute, very simple and just something for your small pet to have a jolly good nibble on! Find them here.

Haypigs! Hay dispsenser £24.99

I think this is amazing, and to be honest I’m really tempted by the bundle frmo Haypigs that includes a bed and treats, but this is my fave of all their products! Find it here.

Maze treat £5.99

These little maze treats are great boredom busters! Find this rosewood one here.

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