Meal Plan 14/12

God there is such an unbelievable amount of stuff to do in the run up to Christmas. Like I can’t even. I assumed that there wouldn’t be as muhc this year, but noooooo, there is. And now it’s got to be covid safe. Jebus.

Anyway, onto food, we didn’t have too bad a week this week, although I have this really weird thing going on where I keep feeling utterly randomly sick, no rhyme or reason, just randomly sick, and then it passes as quickly as it arrived. It’s not really dampened my appetite though ha!

So last week:

  • Monday :: McDonalds! – MY GOD. It didn’t happen, I made chicken curry because my middle child… didn’t want it… I know, I know. Possibly the most disappointed I’ve ever been in him.
  • Tuesday :: Pizza Chicken – Possibly one of the nicest things I have cooked in a LONG time and I’m so so pleased I did it again after failing to do it the week before. It was epic.
  • Wednesday :: Baked Tortellini – this was actually super tasty too! I was pleasantly surprised and the beef sauce made enough for 2 days worth of creamy spag to go on pasta for lunches.
  • Thursday :: Veg Curry – I did puree this for Edith and she did indeed hate it. But she ate much more than she would if I hadn’t pureed it!
  • Friday :: Takeaway – football training is back so this moved to Saturday and we had plain pasta. I had a Chicken Reaper curry from Iceland and it was INSANELY hot. I never ever say that. Ever. Also, the chicken was crap and a reminder of why I tend to avoid ready meals – so just buy it for the sauce.
  • Saturday :: Shakshuka – we had the takeaway!
  • Sunday :: Pie – yes and LAAAAVLY.

Ok, so moving on to this week…

Monday :: Chicken Spaghetti Casserole

OOf this looks yummy! Something fairly simple and by the looks of the recipe it’s all done in one pan. This is from House of Nash Eats.

Tuesday :: Pizza stuffed Chicken

It was so good last week I’ve decided to try the upgrade – this is stuffed as well as topped. This is from Low Carb Life.

Wednesday :: Cottage Pie

This recipe from Savoury tooth actually looks lovely and I might give it a go – I usually have my own slap dash recipe but this one looks gooooood!

Thursday :: Bacon Wrapped chicken

Taming Twins is always my go to for simple, easy weeknight meals! This looks like something that everyone will enjoy!

Friday :: Spag Bol

Simple, easy and one for the quick rush before Tobes has to get to football training.

Saturday :: Takeaway

Sunday :: Chicken Dupiaza

I remember loving this dish when I did it the first time and THIS time, I’ve gone alllllll out. I’ve got some naans, onion bhajis, chicken pakoras, bombay potato and saag aloo to go with this – it’s going to be a FEAST. This is from Slimming Eats and will forever be one of the BEST curries I have ever cooked.

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