5 Ways to improve your Summer Staycation

With the way that prices for holidays have been soaring post-pandemic and the absolute nightmare that can be working out different restrictions (do you need a test for the plane or the country or both? Do you need a vaccine? Am I going to have to wear masks… and so on foreverrrrrr) I know a lot of people are opting for the great British summer staycation again this year.

With that in mind, here are 5 tips to help you improve your summer staycation with kids. You can find more of these kinds of tips and LOADS of travel advice (including staycation and car journeys) with kids in my book Mummin’ It which you can order here.

Research where you are going

What are the best things to do? What things are hidden gems and best avoided? Depending on where you are heading, there are so many things that you can do in the UK. Visit a heritage site, local attraction and have a look at what people recommend in the area for kids! I also find it really useful to ask wherever I’m staying for recommendations.

Plan for all weather eventualities!

Unfortunately we are a little bit unpredictable in the UK so I would strongly suggest planning for all weathers – even if it just means shoving a few jumpers and coats in the car or case and leaving them there the whole time! The last thing you want is to be stuck on holiday freezing – I’ve been there!

Pre-book activities

It’s really frustrating when you get somewhere and either everything on the complex/hotel your staying at is booked OR whatever place you wanted to go to is packed out and has no spaces. I guess this goes hand in hand with pre-planning your trip but it’s highly advisable to actually book the activities you want to do and have a (loose) schedule.

Plan a budget

The UK can be priceyyyyy and on top of that we are in COVID times which means that prices have been increased. Have a look at the things you want to do and plan a budget. In my experience one of the most expensive parts of staycationing in the UK is food – but the good news is that, depending on where you are staying, taking food with you is super easy. I usually take things like pizzas, pre-made and frozen lasagnes, curries and chilli con carnes!

Travel games!

Definitely not just for travel – I remember a trip to Devon where we spent hours playing board games in the lodge because it was throwing it down in a totally unexpected rain shower! I think small travel games are idea for the journey but also for keeping in your bag to entertain the fam in evenings, having some quiet down time and even restaurants! I love Out of Town games – they have a HUGE range!

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