Meal Plan 30/11

Hello! So I guess even if you are the anti-Christmas before December brigade, you are finally going to succumb to it’s tinselled ways this week, right? I love the festive period! BRING IT ON!

Now last week I started really well but rapidly declined as the week went on because I felt rotten on Friday/Saturday. If I’m totally honest I think I just had a bit of a crash, I have a lot going on behind the scenes and I’m trying to push for more to happen… but I just couldn’t this weekend and I’ll be honest, nothing annoys me more than when I slow *myself* down.

SO, food wise, I don’t think it was a terrible week, let’s recap:

  • Monday :: Coconut chicken – they ALL loved this, Edith was livid about the veg stir fry but they all asked if they could have some more and were cross when they had eaten it all!
  • Tuesday :: Parmesan Risotto – Adam and I thought this was lovely, yet despite being packed with cheese and veg free, none of the kids enjoyed it. We will save it for date night.
  • Wednesday :: Thai Basil chicken – Everyone enjoyed it!
  • Thursday :: Penang chicken – I actually didn’t do this because a last minute job came in from a vegan mince company, so I opted to make thatched cottage pie and they demolished it. The vegan mince was called The Vegetarian Butcher Magic Mince and is going to become a part of my food shop on the reg – more filling than beef and cooked in 4 – 5 mins.
  • Friday :: Takeaway – yeah, it was a challenge but I stuck to this one…
  • Saturday :: Beef & Potato Moussaka – had this on Sunday because we had a takeaway again on the Sat as I just didn’t have it in me to do anything, so Adam took executive control HA!
  • Sunday :: Thatched Cottage Pie – again, had this earlier in the week and it was amazing, the beef and potato mousakka we had on this night and it was LUSH. Both boys have got it for lunch today!

Now moving on to this week:

Monday :: Instant Pot white chilli chicken

I get asked A LOT for recipe ideas for the “instant pot” or if you’re English like me, pressure cooker. I have mentioned before that I use the Pressure King Pro cooker and it is amazing – it also has an app that you can download that will give you recipe suggestions… None of that has anything to do with this recipe HA! I just thought that since this is done in the pressure cooker and I’m asked about it a lot, you should know. This recipe is from Stay Snatched.

Tuesday :: Beef stew

I’ve gone for a classic, I think I will just make some crusty bread (lol, no I won’t – never have I ever actually made it when I have said I would apart from in the strictest lockdown and only then because we had nothing else) to serve with it. This is from Natasha’s Kitchen.

Wednesday :: Green Thai Fish Curry

Immediate Media

Ok, remember when I planned to do fish around a week ago but didn’t because the Tesco order sent skin on fish and I have a weird phobia? No, ok… well Adam accepted the fish, I squealed and now I’m trying to be a big girl and use the fish… I probably won’t but I figure if I can do this, we will be ok. This is from Olive Magazine.

Thursday :: Chicken Fajita Pasta

I’ve made this before but I can’t remember if it was this recipe – anyway, this from Kevin and Amanda looks divine!

Friday :: Takeaway

Saturday :: Spanish Chicken

I feel like I’ve also tried this from Taming twins before… but regardless I know that 4 out of the 5 of us will love it, and Edith will LOVE the chicken and chorizo. She’s just extremely anti veg at the moment (which is funny because she’s gone to school with a spag bol that has enough hidden veg in it to feed 5000).

Sunday :: Pizza stuffed chicken

Ok, I’ve seen loads of people rave about this and I have always considered doing it, but just ended up… not. I guess it’s one of those recipes! I’m going to give it a whirl here though! This recipe is from The Slow Roasted Italian.

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