Meal Plan 22/11

If we had to give last week a name, it would be “everyone survived even though she fucked it all up royally”. I’ve discovered that I don’t meal plan well when my usual delivery routine is knackered, not to mention last week was an INSANELY exciting week for me – I announced my debut book Mummin’ It, which is available to preorder here now!

Basically, I couldn’t get my usual Monday/Sunday order and I ended up having to wait until Wednesday… but that meant that I had a totally random order, forgot loads of stuff and it was all just a bit disastrous!

Here’s how it went:

  • Monday :: Veg pie – I did do this and LET ME TELL YOU, drool. I presumed there would be enough for the following lunch but no, everyone devoured it!
  • Tuesday :: Beef stir fry – I sort of did this with my left over beef, but it was less stir fry and more beef with noodles.
  • Wednesday :: Baked Bolognese risotto – I didn’t do this, the rice arrived too late for dinner and I didn’t have any beef on the order… yay!
  • Thursday :: Veg Lasagne – I forgot lasagne sheets. I did the dish but with pasta so it became more pasta bake … and it was such a huge hit we had no leftovers AGAIN!
  • Friday :: Takeaway – I got this one!
  • Saturday :: Chicken burgers – um, not enough chicken, no buns… so…
  • Sunday :: Chicken pie – YASSSS. I did it. I had to send Adam to the shop for potato but I did it.

Ok, so after that very higgledy-piggledy week, here is this week and the return of the proper food shop, here is what we’re going for this week:

Monday :: Desiccated coconut chicken strips with rice & veg

I’m going to add some stir fried veg and some rice to this dish, think like a firecracker stir fry at Wagamama – oh how I miss Wagamama. Anyway, I’m assuming Edith will be a pain in the arse over the veg, but the rice and chicken will go down a treat. This is by Creme de la Crumb.

Tuesday :: Parmesan Risotto

I might do this with some fish if I can convince myself to put my big girl pants on and cook the fish that was sent with the skin on! Argh! I think It would go down a treat and, well, fish is good for us all… god I hate cooking fish. ANYHOO… Here we go, a delish parmesan risotto, if you have never tried risotto, especially with you kids, I would recommend this. Recipe from Kylee Cooks.

Wednesday :: Thai Basil Chicken

I love this and I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve done it! I think basil works so well in Asian dishes and whilst the flavour is a bit different for basil and Thai basil, I do sub them. This recipe is from What should I do for dinner?

Thursday :: Penang chicken noodle bowl

I feel like this is a very Asian influenced week, but I am loving it. I think this will go down a treat, plus it’s another one filled with yummy rainbow-esque veg! Win! Recipe is from Little Spice Jar.

Friday :: Takeaway!

Saturday :: Beef & potato greek style moussaka

I think this will go down well – I’m a bit hit and miss with moussaka but I think this sounds unique and rather tasty! It’s from Love Potatoes, a website I’m going to be saving because frankly it is one of those that has a world of great recipes and I have started to under use potatoes of late in favour of rice and pasta.

Sunday :: Thatched cottage pie

Honestly, I think I just got stuck down a rabbit hole on Love Potatoes because this is another one of their recipes and I’ve never tried it before so it’s one to have a go at! It’s basically cottage pie but with a ‘thatch’ instead of mash topping. Grate potatoes used to be a fave of mine as a kiddo, so this is a winner already! I will probably use chicken for the meat I think, I might use mince but chicken is more likely as it calls for chunks.

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