Meal Plan 16/11

Look… about last week…

I didn’t do so good with the meal planner, I don’t know what it was, maybe it’s the new kitten, maybe it’s not, I just couldn’t stay focussed allllll week! This week I’m going to have to do better because I haven’t been able to get a tesco order until wednesday so I am literally scrapping the barrel for food today and tomorrow!

So let’s recap the shocking behaviour of last week:

  • Monday :: Baked Burrito – I did do this… on like Wednesday… and it was LUSH, although it really didn’t go that far. I made 5 Burritos, one for each of us and then ended up having to put another 3 together for me, Adam and the boys. I would do it again but add rice.
  • Tuesday :: Cod with parmesan crust – I didn’t do this at all. Adam accepted a substitute cod and it has skin on… I can’t bring myself to touch it because fish (and scales) terrify me.
  • Wednesday :: Spag bol – I did and it was probs the nicest one we have had for ages, I still used the pressure cooker but I didn’t add any water to the stock, just the cube in. Pressure cookers just give off so much moisture!
  • Thursday :: Chicken noodle stir fry – nope, but I can’t even remember what I did in it’s place…
  • Friday :: Takeaway – well obvs I stuck to this…
  • Saturday :: Turkey pumpkin chilli – I DID do this. Personally, I hated it. I remembered why I don’t like turkey mince, but the kids and Adam really enjoyed it!
  • Sunday :: Roast – lol, pasta for the kids and we had another takeaway. WHAT?!

Ok, so as I said, I wasn’t great last week, but this week I shall endure!

Monday :: Vegetable Pot pie

I have some leftover pastry and a load of veggies that need using up because I didn’t do a roast, so I’m going to make a veg pie. This one from Simply Delicious Food looks lovely, I think I will add a few different veggies and go from there.

Tuesday :: Beef stir fry

I have loads of beef leftover in the freezer from when I made shredded asian beef a week or so ago, so I’m going to stir fry it with some carrots, peppers and add noodles, It will absolutely be a winner!

Wednesday :: Baked Bolognese Risotto

Olive Magazine

This looks unusual and I think they will really enjoy it – anything bolognese is a win for me because it’s the ultimate place to hide copious amounts of veg. This is from Olive Magazine.

Thursday :: Vegetable Lasagne

Look, I know this was only on the meal plan a couple of weeks ago but it was AMAZING. I might do a split lasagne – me and Toby really prefer the veggie one, whereas Adam and Edith love the normal one, Roo is happy regardless. I think if I did a half ‘normal meat’ lasagne, saving some of the bolognese from the night before, and then a veg half, that would work SO well. Recipe is by Family Style food and it’s honestly AMAZING (even though it’s quite the effort).

Friday :: Takeaway

Saturday :: Crispy chicken sandwich

I don’t very often do burgers and chips at home, or any kind of meal with chips. It’s something that my mum used to do more or less nightly and I really don’t think it’s great, I was such an unhealthy child/teen. I ditched the deep fat fryer to avoid them! I do enjoy the occasional big platter of chips, onion rings, sweet potato chips and then a chicken burger. Everyone tucks into a little bit of it all. It’s a fun Saturday dinner around the table! This is from Spend with Pennies.

Sunday :: Chicken & Leek Pie

I do love a good pie at this time of year, and frankly if I can get Edith to eat some veg in or with it, it’s a miracle. This looks so comforting and yum! The recipe is from Chez Le Reve Francias

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