Toby &Roo Christmas Gift Guide 2020

I love a good gift guide! It wasn’t actually my intention to create one this year, but after 97% of people in my instagram community told me that they would love one, I thought I best get to it! I’ve tried to include as many small sellers as I can here because who doesn’t love a hidden find!

I’ve gone by subsections so that you can skip the bits that aren’t for you and find things that you are looking for, whether it’s gifts for crafters, foodies or beauty lovers. As a side note, this post has a few affiliate links in it because honestly, I figured no one would mind me making the odd 11p for putting this together. If you’re not familiar with affiliate links, they are trackable links which cost you nothing but allow marketers to pay me pennies (usually literally) for your purchases.


Gifts for Crafters

Natalie Gaynor Designs Embroidery kit £22 – £29.50

I love these, I think they are really special and something that any crafter would love! I have a few of Natalie Gaynor Designs products in my house and I adore them – if I could craft, I would love this! Alas I can’t, I don’t have the patience – but the wonderful news there is that you can buy pre-made and glorious brooches and wall decor from this shop without making it! You can find the shop here.

Craftiosity craft subscription £26 – £171

If you’ve got a crafty family member, why not consider the gift that keeps on giving – craftiosity crafts supply one off or up to 6 month subscriptions of monthly boxes filled with crafting delights. The idea is to give you a chance to try out different crafts from lino cutting to wool work, they can vary so much and I LOVE that. You can find them here.

Ring making kit from The Workbench London £115 – £200

Honestly, I’d kind of like this for myself! I remember doing a jewellery class when I was younger at around the age of 12 and I LOVED it. It was really soothing and just… different. The Workbench Box is filled with everything you could need to make 2 rings – you can even buy refill kits so you don’t have to stop if you develop a passion for it. What I love most is that this small biz offers coroporate workshops which obviously won’t have been going ahead with COVID and they have found a way to bring the crafting to your everyday. As a total side note – they have a wedding ring making kit too and I couldn’t love that concept more if I tried. If Adam didn’t wear a silicone ring I would buy this and make him one in a heartbeat. You can find them here.

John Lewis multiple colour sewing machine £130

This has loads of five star reviews and actually comes up as a great starter machine. I’m reliably informed that Brother is a great brand to look at if you are a pro sewer but for getting into things, especially for someone who has no idea what they are doing (oh hello, me) I’ve been told this is a great, funky and inexpensive option. I think you can’t go wrong here! You can choose from a huge range of colours here.

Badger & Birch resin coaster kit £32

I’ve got such a think for watching those epoxy resin videos on insta, so I loved this as soon as I saw it. It’s not expensive at all, but it’s something that I think is really fun and you end up with something useful! You can find the coaster kit here (they have a square one too!)

Gifts for foodies

Pasta making subscription from Pasta Evangelists £50+

I love subscription boxes because it’s something that keeps coming again and again. If you’re not a fan of them or you don’t want to spend that much, you can buy one off kits from Pasta Evangelists – what I would also say is that there is something for all ages and these make a cracking date night idea! I would personally order it for the two of us and feed the kids something else! You can find the kits and subscriptions here.

Personalised Marble & Mango Wood Cheese Board £35

I bought this for myself back in October and I LOVE it. I usually pop bread or cheese on there if I am serving something for dinner. It’s beautifull made (we have several products from this brand and they are always an absolute treat). You can find this board here.

Hot Chocolate velvitiser from Hotel Chocolat £110

If hot chocolate is your (or their) go to drink then this is THE one. I’ve heard endless rave reviews and I was completely sold when I tried the Velvitiser for myself in the Leeds Hotel Chocolat cafe. You honestly can’t beat it – and this offer at John Lewis comes with a range of flavours and extras so you can get to enjoying the beautiful hot chocolate straight away. You can find it here.

The Spicery food kits & subscriptions £26 – 100

Big fan of variety and The Spicery has that – whether you are looking for something a bit different like a food truck subscription which teaches you how to cook some of the world’s best street food, or a curry kit for 2. It’s a great small biz that offers you a selection of kits or subscriptions. I especially have my eye on the food truck and world traveller kits! You can find them here.

Craft Gin Club subscription £various

Lovers of gin really can’t go wrong with this – it’s one hell of a subscription box, with food treats and a monthly magazine to compliment the gin of the month. Best of all, if you are a member you can log in and save a fortune on their gin shop products! Win! Find it here.

Gifts for Decor lovers

Orange Blanket Throw from Sass & Belle £24.95

Blankets are my fave, I swear to god I have so many and if I’m gifted one I’m always ridiculously happy. This one from Sass & Belle is inexpensive but GORGEOUS, bright colourful and fun. If that isn’t your taste though, have a look at some of the other ones that they offer.

Seletti Mouse lamp £65-85

Adam laughed at me when I bought these for our living room but ohhhh how I adore them! These are one of those things that you either love or hate, but if you are a lover, you can’t go wrong. They are really sturdy! Selfridges have a 20% off on them at the moment too so I have linked the gold one here, the white one here and the pink heart one here. They come in a variety of colours and 3 positions.

Diptique Holiday Candle set £93

Yes, it’s a luxury item, but Diptique candles really are another level the holiday sets are always really sought after, but if that isn’t your bag, any candle lover would be mesmerised by a candle set I’m sure. Find them here.

Leopard Plant mister £11

Edith broke mine! I was heartbroken, so I’ve added it here in honour of my love – I will add that whilst I’ve included the plant mister from Red Candy, I really could just link up the whole shop because it’s AMAZING.

Made of Sundays personalised print £37+

I do love this print and Made of Sundays is such a great small seller. If you’re looking for something heartfelt for a homeware lover then I think this is a winner! You can find it here.

Gifts for jewellery lovers

Olivia Burton huggies earring set £125

I have coveted these since I saw a bunch of influencers promoting them last year, they really are absolutely stunning and I LOVE huggies. These are interchangeable so you really get loads of earrings! Find them here.

Constellation & Moon stacker ring set £15

I’m not saying I will cry if this doesn’t rock up in my stocking BUT I am saying I have been ogling stacker rings like this for AGES. I love that they are star & moon based too, but without being too specific. Find them here from By Lottie London.

Real flower resin pendant £30

I honestly have this thing with resin – it fascinates me, and I just think flowers are timeless. I love them. These pendants from Buttonsy Jewellery come in a range of styles and you can even buy bangles and rings. LOVE. Find them here.

Merci Maman Engraved Pastille Necklace £79

I have one of the longer pendant style necklaces and I can’t recommend them enough. I’ve had it for about 6 years now and it’s still as beautiful as ever. Edith loves it because it has a little girl and little boy figure, cut from gold, to represent the children and a disc with their names on. I think this would be a beautiful every day stacker necklace. It’s available in different metals to suit you too. Find it here.

Mirror jewellery tidy £32

This combines a bit of everything – a personalised mirror which you could pop a name on or an inspirational quote, as well as a jewellery tidy with space for rings, necklaces, earrings of all kinds and bracelets. I think it’s so on trend and not at all pricey! Find it here.

Gifts for Beauty lovers

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk £165

I think these sets from Charlotte Tilbury, whether you are going for deep or light, are amazing. Everything you could need for a stunning look from a legendary make up artist all in one neat and pretty bag! Winner. Find this here.

Dyson Airwrap kit £449

Yes, it’s expensive, but it is AMAZING. I had the good luck of being given a trial with one of these at an event in London and I LOVEDDDDD it. Those who love to curl but don’t want to damage and want a totally effortless vibe: this is a must, different barrels and brushes makes for totally different and EASY styles right out the shower. It’s so so worth the tag. Find it here.

Satin pillowcase £11.95

Inexpensive little stocking filler here for anyone who is following curly girl hair methods OR who just loves their hair and wants to limit damage. Silk pillowcases are amazing! Find it here.

Iconic London gift set £60

If you buy one beauty gift this year – make it this. I have a few of these products and they are in my DAILY wear box – they are THAT good. I love the spray, the blusher is amazing and the highlighter is the best thing to come out of the beauty industry in forever. I said what I said. Find it here.

Elemis Rose collagen set £75

I use this daily, it smells amazing. I have been an Elemis user since I was 15, so this is always going to be featured in a gift guide I do! You can find it here.

Gifts for fashion lovers

One Hundred Stars Robe £70

I have 3 of these gowns now and I adore them. They are such an elegant addition to a wardrobe and just one of those little luxuries that make waking up or relaxing a little bit more precious. They are also extremely warm which I never expected! Find them here.

Les Girls Les Boys joggers £85

Right. I did an ad with this company recently on instagram and there was a few comments about the cost – someone even DM’d me to tell me she didn’t think it was realistic and asked “would you really spend £80 on comfies?!” The answer – yes, and I have. The thing is, these last and last, the wash well, mud stains from watching Toby play football or walking the kids/dog lift out of them well and HONESTLY they are the best joggers I have ever owned. If you are a joggers fan, or you know someone who is, these are worth it because for every £20 pair you are going to buy over the next 1-2 years, you could have just got these. Find them here.

Bershka chunky white trainers £45.99

I think white trainers are always a win and I’ve been wanting some chunky ones alllllll year! Find them here.

Bee button Alpaca cardigan £69

Whilst the cardigan comes in a range of colours, I’ve chosen pink. I rarely wear pink but I just think it’s so pretty in this. Choose from black, grey, cream, lilac and pink and give the treat of soft, cosy loveliness. Find it here!

Sheepers sheepskin mules £40

These actually asked to work with me once upon a time but the project never went ahead and I’ve watched them grow from small start up to beautiful slipper-offering queens! I love these, I just think they look so cosy and I think they would be a hugely popular gift for anyone who likes a pair of slippers at Christmas. Find them here.

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