Meal Plan 09/11

Hello and welcome to the Lockdown 2.0. edition of the meal plan! Things are… well they what they are, but I’m doing my best to order from small businesses that are offering delivery and avoid “popping” to the supermarket, exactly like we did in the first lockdown – although this one seems less lockdown-y because you might as well pop in to grab milk on your way back from the school run eh?

Anyway, let’s have a look at last week:

  • Monday :: Roasted Veg Lasagne – I’ve going to level with you, I like it better than normal lasagne. I said what I said. Edith wouldn’t touch it and ended up having no dinner at all, just a small slice of garlic bread and Adam says he prefers normal lasagne.
  • Tuesday :: Slower cooker shredded beef – I actually saved this for Wednesday (by which I mean I forgot to do it) and it was lush. It’s made LOADS so I’ve frozen 2 batches that will feed the 5 of us twice.
  • Wednesday :: Sausage & Pumpkin pasta – went down so well on Tuesday that even Edith asked to take it for lunch the following day! She was oblivious to the fact that there was a load of pumpkin in there.
  • Thursday :: Chicken Curry – When is this ever not going to be a winner eh?
  • Friday :: Takeaway – Support local and all that jazz.
  • Saturday :: Shepherd’s pie – always a winner. I added some pureed pumpkin for a bit of a veg boost.
  • Sunday :: Chicken Pie – undeniably a fave.

So let’s look ahead to this week, as I mentioned, I’m trying my hardest to be really sensible and avoid the shop, but also without spending a fortune on weekly orders so we may throw in some simple meals… I might even bake bread.

Monday :: Smothered Baked Chicken Burrito

Oh these look yum. I mean really yum! Recipe from Carl’s Bad Craving.

Tuesday :: Parmesan Crusted fish

I’ll serve it with boiled potatoes, broccoli and carrots – I know we don’t eat fish hardly at all so i’m hoping this goes down well! Recipe is from The Lemon Bowl.

Wednesday :: Spag Bol

I have my own recipe that I tend to just whack in the pressure cooker, but I thought I would share this one pot recipe from Five Heart Home.

Thursday :: Chicken noodle stir fry

I actually have some noodles already so I figured we may as well use them up! This recipe from Every day simple dishes sounds… well, simple!

Friday :: Takeaway

Saturday :: Turkey Pumpkin Chilli

That pumpkin I mentioned pureeing is about to have it’s moment! I’m going to have to think about what to serve this with – I guess you could go crusty bread or maybe rice… probably rice to fill my lot up! The recipe is from Family Style Food.

Sunday :: Sunday Roast

Because it’s winter and it’s lockdown 2.0 and it’s Sunday… why not?

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