Toby & Roo Kid’s Christmas gift guide 2020

Another day, another gift guide! If you missed my previous gift guide filled with fabulous ideas for adults, then you can find it here, but now… it’s time for the kids!

I’ve deliberately not gendered this as a gift guide for boys or a gift guide for girls because I have a little girl who loves to play football and kick ass with her brother’s WWE figures just as much as she loves to play with dolls and make up, and a little boy who loves earrings and has such an obsession with soft toys that we could genuinely fill a small room with his collection. I’m firmly in the camp of ‘let kids be kids’ and let them enjoy whatever they want, so I’ve tried to offer a real mix of things according to interests. As with my previous guides, this post will contain affiliate links because I’m confident none of you will resent me the 11p I make per month…

So whether your kiddo is an avid reader, crafter, sports lover or imaginative whizz, here are some of my ideas for you!

Arts & Crafts

The Play Pantry £26 – 32

These little craft boxes are such a treat for creative little ones. Each one is filled to the brim with scented playdough, puzzles, crafts and more! There is even a little treat in every box for parents and the whole box is asYou can find them here.

Cotton Twist Mini Craft kits £2.95 – £6.25

I’m so pleased I stumbled across these because they are exactly the kind of thing that Edith would LOVE. She’s the type of child that would adore most of these kits and they are gloriously inexpensive to boot! Perfect stocking filler or little gift for a little friend. You can find the craft kits here.

Craft and Crumb Baking sets £7+

I remember this company when they first started and I love them even more now. I rarely buy my kids baking sets (unless I want to sit down and watch them with a cuppa) as we tend to bake everything from scratch together as I really enjoy it, but these are just so much fun. There are so many sets, from firework biscuit pops to sweetie jewellery kits. They also have the option to order a few sets or if you want to set up a subscription you can! Find them here.

The Ultimate slime kit £28.50

Now look, I know most of us think of slime and break out in sweats BUT kids seem to love it and I adore that this small seller on Etsy, The Ultimate Slimes, has created a unicorn slime kit with over 200 combinations for your child to create. If you have a slime lover then I can’t think of a better set! Find it here.

Hand of Courage kit £4.95

A gift with a charity element and a special message, especially for a child who has been bullied. This is from Bullies Out, I’m one of their charity ambassadors, and all of my kids have enjoyed their little hand of courage kits. You can find out more about them here, what the hands represent and why they are fun!


Our Generation doll £30-40

Edith loves her Generation doll and she was absolutely in love with one called Maria last year but we couldn’t get hold of her until mid Feb which is post-birthday! I think these are such well made dolls and really worth the price. There is a great range of representation within the collection too which really matters, from multiple skin tones to wheelchairs and more. You can buy so many accessories, big and small, but if you’re looking for a really nice doll that is well priced, manoeuvrable and has accessories you can buy for years, then this is the one.

Rainbow High dolls £28.99 £49.99

These are another lovely doll to add to the collection – and you might well pause at the price, but they really are PACKED with accessories. Each doll is bright colourful and all about encouraging children to be bold, brave and express themselves through colour with fashion. Edith was sent one for a former collaboration we did with the brand a few months ago and once the set arrived I was really impressed. Her grandparents have bought her a couple of Christmas! You can find the range here.

Creatable world dolls £18.99

Make way for the most inclusive doll range your eyes will ever be graced with – I think this is such a crowning achievement. I LOVE them. We have a couple and they are just so cool – with a full range of outfits, short and long hair wigs, they are full customisable. Your child can create, create and create a bit more, free from gender norms and stereotypes. Find them here.

Baby Rapunzel Animators collection doll set £55

You better believe this would be under the tree for Edith if she didn’t already have this doll from a previous purchase in Disneyland! The Animator dolls are beautiful and these baby ones are even better with their soft, cuddly middles! Find them here.

Action toys

Pokemon Carry case set £29.99

I love this, it’s one of the best toys we have reviewed this year, not just for being very interactive, but also because it’s something that you can pick up and take with you anywhere. Holiday next year? This is ideal for travelling! Find it here.

LEGO Jurassic World Ankylosaurus set £89.99

Is LEGO an action toy? I’m calling it regardless. Toby was given this set for his birthday and not only does he love it as a JW lover, but Reuben who is a big LEGO fan was really into it too even though Dinos aren’t his thing at all. You can find the set here.

WWE Slambulance £49.99

This is on Toby’s wish list, considering how much he plays with the WWE ring that we have bought from his birthday, I think this will be a hugely popular gift. We already have the WWE car and it is really well made so I feel like this, whilst a bit over priced, is worth adding to the list for a big WWE fan. Find it here.

Soft toys

Baby Yoda £29.99

I mean, who isn’t a fan? Find him here.

Mabel & Me Mouse playset £59.95

Edith adores her mouse set, it goes all over with her! The little mouse is soft and adorable to cuddle, the set itself is packed with a book, toys, accessories and even a music box! Find it here.

Little Patient £42

I think this is weird and awesome in equal parts. It’s one of those toys that you will either think is super cool and educational whilst being a cute doll, or you will try to cast it out. It really depends… So with that in mind, here’s the link!

Hamleys Grey Tabby Mom & Babies £25

I think this is adorable – there is a mum and pup version too if kittens aren’t your kid’s things. As with most toys, I want my children to be able to play/interact as well as cuddle and this is one of those that you can 100% do both with! Tobes in particular would adore this. Here it is!


Europe at your Feet £6.99

One for the football fans, this book is so beautifully illustrated! It’s one of those that Toby is enjoying reading with his dad but looking at by himself as well. The football fanatics dream! Find it here.

My Mum’s a tiger £7.99

YES SHE IS! I love this body positive book packed with joy! Yes yes yes. Find it here.

My magical journal £19.95

I love this, with invisible ink and lots of ways to encourage children to write, get creative and strike up a passion for journaling. You can find it here.

Kind Kids Book Club £55

This is a book club subscription with a difference. Each book is aimed at encouraging children to practice kindness, be inclusive and think about their behaviour/actions. You can buy various subscriptions or buy the boxes are a one off and each box comes with a range of activities and crafts! Find it here!

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