28 FREE Printables for homeschooling kids

Day 29374 of covid jail and I haven’t eaten the dog yet so that has to count for something right?

I’m here to present you with these completely free printables from around the internet. Some of these are purely craft based, some are educational, but all of them are useful for entertaining crafting minded kids without YOU having to do something crafty yourself. I know right? GENIUS.

If you’re looking for something to help with homeschooling, download my “How to stay sane during Lockdown” parenting manual below.

Mr Printables

Mr Printables is easily my fave place on the tinterweb for printables, the website has everything from fun colouring sheets to games you can print, activities you can set up and flash cards. I love them!

Teaching Mama offers free preschool printables alongside some pretty fab ideas for fun and games. It is aimed at pre-schoolers but it might be useful for younger siblings.

STEAM Powered Family have the coolest projects for kids, all relating to science, tech, maths etc. It’s a fab resource to book mark.

Math Geek Mama is a site that I find really helpful as math is not my strong suit.

I worked with the Canon creative park ages ago and my word their stuff is amazing. We’re talking origami style printables (that even I can do) all the way to smaller printable games, toys and educational worksheets.

Confessions of a homeschooler has a fab range of homeschool printables, from maths to reading and so much more. You will want to add this one to your list if you’re planning to do some worksheet based stuff.

Left Brain Craft Brain is perfect for kids like Roo who like to do, make and create. So many art ideas, but also lots of printables to try out.

Productive Homeschooling is a paid site, but they do offer some freebies on here too, usually printables and easy to follow ones at that.

Frugal Homeschool Family create their own free printables and share some fab ones from others as well.

Teach Beside Me is one of the few sites that I could find that has something for older kids too.

1+1+1=1 have printable packs which are really useful 🙂

123Homeschool4Me has everything you can think of, from English to Maths and even Spanish!

Blessed Beyond a Doubt seems to add new printables every day! This is another one with a really good mix!

3 Dinosaurs is fab for lots of different packs that fit a range of topics. Easter is an especially big one at the moment and might be useful to fill the gap between what your kids are missing.

This Reading Mama has some paid and some free printables that focus on your little one’s reading ability.

Montessori Print Shop has a small section for free printables that are montessori based, though there are a lot that are to be paid for.

Education.com has a wide range of free educational printables similar to learn its and the like. It’s a great site!

Homeschool Share is a fabulous hub that has so many different printables, as well as lots of other homeschooling resources. I think it’s worth noting that this is a US site so spellings might be different for a few things!

Happiness is homemade have so many activities, printables for young and old alike. I’m especially impressed that they are offering free daily emails filled with printables for you, these will include all sorts of activities to entertain the kids whilst we’re all at home. The have lots of other printables too, but find their printables for kids here.

Homegrown Learners has LEGO printables. Yeah, uh huh, you read that right. LEGO printables. Roo will be all over this and I think that is 100% a win.

Kids Activities Blog is, as the name suggests, more for activities but they also have a fabulous section of printables

Homeschool Creations is a bit of a faffy site because they have so much content, but they do have a great set of printables. IF you are a homeschooler, you will probably know this site for the homeschool planner.

Royal Baloo is one for the younger kids but it’s still good to know for preschool and EYFS kids.

Every Star is Different is mainly montessori style printables.

Gift of Curiosity has a section by age approach and I love it. It goes up to 10 so perfect ages for me.

Handwriting Worksheets.com is a bit of a DIY worksheet site – you can make your own word worksheets!

File Folder Fun – If file folder games is what you’re looking for, this is where you’ll want to visit.

Homeschool Encouragement is another one that has lego printables – how did I never know about these!

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  1. Avatar March 24, 2020 / 2:51 pm

    Oooh, thanks for sharing the Easter ones! I’m starting to worry about Easter, as it’s always a big deal in our house but we will just have to make it as fun as possible with the stuff we already have in the house.

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