Meal Plan 25/01

This week is going to be a good week, because how could it NOT be when today is Edith’s birthday! We made the decision that we would avoid too much homeschooling today (and by that I mean we probably won’t do a damn thing because we are all hating it this time around so why ruin a happy day?) but we will be having CAKE!

So before we dive into this week, let’s have a look at last week:

  • Monday :: Chicken Pie – it was actually really tasty, we have some left over so it’s in the freezer waiting for an easy lunch day or a day when there is just one to feed!
  • Tuesday :: Chicken Tartiflette – another really yummy one!
  • Wednesday :: Chilli – super easy and actually made the base for the following days dinner!
  • Thursday :: Jamaican Cottage pie – yummy!
  • Friday :: Takeaway – actually no! The kids requested sausages and scrambled eggs!
  • Saturday :: Bangers & Mash – ended up not being able to do this as they ate the sausages the day before!
  • Sunday :: Chicken & Beans casserole – yep, they loved it!

So this week:

Monday :: Edith’s Birthday!

She has requested McDonalds for lunch and plain pasta for dinner!

Tuesday :: Chicken Chimichanga

I do LOVE a chimichanga – and so do the kids! This is from Cooking Classy!

Wednesday :: Honey Mustard Baked Chicken

I can’t wait for this, look how good that looks! I’m going to serve it with potatoes and HOPEFULLY I will remember to do some extra veg with it this time because god knows I forget all the time! This is from Diethood.

Thursday :: Hoisin Chicken noodles

I really do love Slimming Eats, their recipes come up constantly and they are just delicious – forget the slimming aspect, it’s just damned good food!

Friday :: Takeaway

Saturday :: Beef satay stir fry

This is the only one I’m not sure about – the kids might be a bit funny but I’m going to marinade the beef for as long possible to tenderise it all! This is another one from Slimming Eats.

Sunday :: One Pan full English

I might just do the bacon, sausage, eggs and beans for the kids! We’ll see, regardless, this looks delish and I may even try this out! Kitchen Sanctuary for this one!

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