How to Make Your New House Feel Like Home

So the moment has finally arrived: you’ve completed your contract, exchanged keys, and you’re ready to move into your new pad. While you’re undoubtedly feeling excited, stepping across the threshold will feel strange, and it can take a while to settle into your unknown environment. 

Especially if you’ve invested in a new build home in the area and have to wait for the walls to dry out, it will be a while before you can redecorate to make the space your own. Thankfully there are other ways to make your new house feel like home as soon as you move in.

Clean from top to bottom

First and foremost, clean the property from top to bottom. This will get rid of any dust and dirt or, in the case of a new house, any lingering plaster dust and debris, and also remove the feeling of there being previous occupants. 

Doing a deep clean also means that you’ve got a proper blank canvas to work with as you introduce your furniture and work out the layouts of your rooms.

Prioritise your purchases

As you unpack, figure out what you’re missing and prioritise your purchases for your new home. 

Large furniture can take a long time to arrive, so it’s worth hunting the charity shops in your local area for cost-effective short-term solutions. Your local high street stores and supermarkets can provide you with smaller electricals like a kettle, toaster, and microwave.

Make sure not to overlook the essentials for everyday living as these will ensure your house feels like home from the start. This includes cooking equipment and cutlery, toiletries, and a television.

Create a cosy environment

The first night in a new property is a daunting prospect, so do what you can to create a cosy home environment

Make up your bed with clean sheets and a throw, and put a blanket and cushions in your seating area. Depending on the time of year, either open the windows to let the cool air in or put on the heating to stop the property feeling stale. 

Focus on your lighting too, as this is key to a calm and comforting atmosphere. Set up your lamps in the bedroom and living room, and light candles as well to make the rooms warm and welcoming.

Set a familiar mood

Once you’re all unpacked, don’t sit there in silence staring at the walls! Take steps to set a familiar mood and your new surroundings will feel like home in no time. 

Fill the house with your favourite music or turn on the television or radio for virtual company. You should also cook a meal you find comforting – the smell of food will give your mood an instant boost while the action of cooking will relax you and help you settle.

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