Meal Plan 18/01

Sigh. It’s like groundhog month isn’t it? I had loads of ideas and gentle goals for 2021 that I swore were totally achievable and to be honest, I’d rather just… not. Still, I’ve learnt over the years that the world absolutely doesn’t care if you’re struggling – it still turns. Work to be done, kids to feed and homes to maintain, so you just have to pull on the big girl pants and cry in the toilet when no one is looking, blaming it on the onions.

Foodwise, it was a bad year for the meal plan last week! Let’s recap:

  • Monday :: Thai cashew chicken – god this was yummy. Surprisingly Reuben was the biggest fuss as he really doesn’t like cashew, Toby had seconds!
  • Tuesday :: Chicken wraps – it was a bad day, I didn’t do this. I think… I think I did chicken fajita pasta!
  • Wednesday :: Grilled Avocado and mango chicken – I swapped this for the chicken curry that I was meant to do on Thursday.
  • Thursday :: Sweet Potato & Chicken Curry – lush, I mean really tasty. I think on this day I made something really simple like mac n cheese instead and had this on wednesday.
  • Friday :: Takeaway – we actually didn’t!
  • Saturday :: Prawn Saganaki – also didn’t do this. I had some shop bought pizza and I cooked that for the kids.
  • Sunday :: Porcupine meatballs – the kids loved these!

So this week, I think I’m opting for things that the kids will actually enjoy this week as opposed to being a bit more out there and trying to vary. Also, it’s fooking freezing, so lots of wintery warmers.

Monday :: Chicken Pie with crispy bacon

I swear to god this sounds so good I am going to demand that I cook this and pull myself together! I’ll serve it with mash! From one of my all time faves Taming Twins.

Tuesday :: Chicken Tartiflette

This sounds yummy, and like something that I think my kids will probably enjoy! I will ditch the spinach because we just never end up using it all and it goes to waste! This recipe is from Delicious Mag.

Wednesday :: Chilli Con Carne

They love it, I enjoy it, I mean… why not? It’s one of those easy to put in the pressure cooker meals that I can make in bulk and they can have with a jacket potato for lunch the next day.

Thursday :: Jamaican Cottage Pie

I just wanted something a bit different to the usual cottage pie and my oh my this looks good, and it’s a simple enough change that I think the kids will devour it – again, I should have enough for the freezer. This is from Impossible Foods.

Friday :: Takeaway

Saturday :: Bangers & Mash

Because why not? It’s everyone’s comfort food isn’t it? Lashings of gravy and something to warm us up if I can persuade everyone to get out.

Sunday :: Chicken & Baked beans casserole

Ok, the kids are going to think I’m a legend. I was looking for something to do with beans because I have a few tins in the cupboard and I just thought… yeah, let’s use them! Everyone likes them so why not? This is from slimming eats – and you will mostly know how I feel about diet culture now but I’m TELLING YOU, this is one of the best blogs for recipes. Love love love them.

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