Tips on Planning a Multi-Generational Family Vacation

A summer vacation is your time to enjoy a hard-earned rest, however, when the family are also accompanying your trip, this can be easier said than done. 

Bringing multiple generations of your family along to your annual getaway has many benefits, such as the opportunity to spend quality time together and reliable childcare. But of course, this comes with its own set of difficulties. Below are our top tips when planning a large family vacation, to ensure your trip is smooth sailing and memorable.

Accommodation and Location

With youngsters and seniors in tow, the perfect accommodation is key. Avoid rowdy hotels or isolated apartments, as you should prioritize comfortability and accessibility. Choosing the right location is also vital, as there must be a selection of leisurely interests that will satisfy each age group. 

For example, Europe holidays are a great option due to the range of activities you can take part in within close proximity of each other. Because of this, most European holidays don’t require renting a car for driving, which is a huge plus when traveling with a big group. 

Research vacations in Greece, Portugal or Croatia for a family getaway that is sure to suit all.  


Your main priority when organizing fun activities for your family is to suit all ages. Keeping kids and teens entertained is arguably more challenging than pleasing elderly vacationers, meaning you should have exiting things in mind for your children in particular. 

For this reason, staying nearby a beach is a great idea. Active youngsters can get stuck in with water sports such as snorkeling or kayaking, mums and dads can enjoy a casual swim and grandparents can relax by the waterfront. Sounds idyllic! 


Planning an itinerary is perhaps one of the greatest tricks when organizing around contrasting age groups. Prior to your vacation, take the time to sit down together and discuss what everybody wants from their trip.

If you devise a brief itinerary of which days to dedicate to which activity, you should hopefully be able to incorporate everyone’s ideas. Compromising and planning is the key to keeping everyone happy when vacationing. 

And if others would prefer to do their own thing at certain points, that’s fine too! As long as you decide on a scheduled time for when the group will reunite.   


The main difference between age groups on holiday is the attitude towards relaxation. Kids and teens may find lazing around boring, however for parents and grandparents, this is your opportunity to enjoy a well-earned rest.

To allow yourself some downtime, encourage your children to strike friendships with other families. This can be accomplished by joining kiddie clubs or by staying in family friendly hotels. Just make sure to prioritize their safety at all times. 

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