Embracing Change: Fashion Tips for the Seasonal Shift

The one thing in life that is truly constant is change – and that’s particularly true when it comes to the seasons. As we prepare to transition from the balmy days of summer (even if they have been a little less balmy this year), we are moving towards the crisper days of early autumn. And the shift isn’t just in the conditions, it’s in our wardrobes too. Now is as good a time as any to rejig our wardrobes, find new combos, and find the ideal pivot point between comfort and style.

Warmth vs Weight

One of the challenges of a transition in seasons is finding clothes that strike a balance between providing protection from the cooler days without being overly heavy. Layering is a must as we tip from summer towards autumn, offering the chance to warm up when necessary, but be able to remove items when the sun breaks cover. The ideal item for these days on the cusp is the gilet. It’s lightweight and stylish, and when you want to de-layer, it’s easy to remove and stow in a bag.

A nod to heritage

Throughout history, there has often been some blurring of the boundary between fashion and necessity. Items that started as protective or functional garments have gradually become wardrobe essentials. The trench coat, as the name suggests, was a military staple initially. Those warm fisherman’s sweaters that are now hanging in wardrobes all over the map were designed to offer protection to trawler workers. They might have had fewer eye-catching adornments then – especially the trenchcoat – but there is a direct line between their practical purpose and their modern style standards.

Crafting your transitional wardrobe

The beauty of transitional dressing is very much in its adaptability. As autumn draws in, the weather is bound to be somewhat unpredictable. Our wardrobes must, as a result, be versatile. Starting with a foundational garment like a loose-knit sweater or a cotton top that is breathable and warm at the same time, you can add a Moncler gilet or a light cardigan that can be on or off depending on what the sun is doing.

Footwear is also open to transition; the open-toed days of July and early August are gone, but there are still plenty of leather flats and ankle boots that easily straddle the line between style and practicality. This is also a time when accessories come into their own. There’s never a bad excuse to buy a hat or scarf, and offering protection against a sudden lowering of temperature certainly falls under “necessary purchase”.

Embrace the seasonal shift
As we prepare to leave behind the summer days and lean into the cosier days of the final third of the year, our fashion choices reflect a change based in necessity and history. Keeping warm on the cooler days doesn’t mean hiding your fashion light under a bushel. It means an opportunity to showcase a different kind of style, one that melds staying warm with being cool. Let’s embark on this period of change with a keen eye on the ideal outfit.

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