Meal Plan 13/06

Prepare yourself for the biggest shock: I actually stuck to the meal plan ALL week last week. I know, I know. Sensational.

So let’s have a look at how it went…

  • Monday :: Chicken Curry – always a hit.
  • Tuesday :: Goulash – it wasn’t for me and I didn’t expect it to be for anyone else as I was cooking it (smoked sausage) but they ALL loved it. Including Edith.
  • Wednesday :: Meatballs and Coconut rice – really yummy, the rice was a bit oily.
  • Thursday :: Ravioli – we went Tortellini as there wasn’t any ravioli in stock.
  • Friday :: Meal out
  • Saturday :: Chicken tikka Lasagne – this was superb, Roo even asked if I could make him some more to take to school as his lunch!
  • Sunday :: Chilli con Carne – always popular and they have gone off to school with it this morning!

So let’s move on to this week:

Monday :: Chicken Paprikash

I have never even heard of this, let alone made it but this sounds so good and I think the kids might enjoy it! It’s from Chisel and Fork.

Tuesday :: Beans on Toast

Easy, simple and always a winner. Edith is a bit funny with beans so she will no doubt have her usual cheese on toast.

Wednesday :: Chicken Enchiladas

Reuben will be in his element, this is one of his absolute faves! This recipe is from Bunny’s Warm Kitchen.

Thursday :: Sausage and Mash

Simple but a hugely popular one in this house that I don’t do nearly often enough. The kids will almost always eat alllllll of it!

Friday & Saturday :: London Bound!

Sunday :: Lasagna

It’s Father’s day and this is Adam’s fave (or one of them!) so since I, er, messed with it and made it into a curry dish, I figured I would make a classic one this week!

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    June 23, 2022 / 11:45 am

    Re Goulash
    I’m not a smoked sausage fan and use diced casserole pork, cooked slowly I add carrots to make meat go further too

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