May Faves

I know it’s mid June and I know I start most faves posts with that sentence BUT it is what it is! I had so many faves in May I’m not really sure where to begin, it’s been a long month but one that I feel has been really productive and filled with good things.

My fave read..

I love a good detective crime thriller novel and I was so pleased when the new DI Kim Stone novel came out, I’m pretty sure this is book 16 and it didn’t disappoint at all. It’s one of those series where you really invest in the characters, you feel like you have seen them grow and change so much and can really sink your teeth into the stories that always have phenomenal twists. I actually went back and read the pre-series book that was launched just after book 14 and told you about the first case the team worked on as a newly put together team. It was equally brill, potentially a June fave!

My Fave foodie find…

Chicken tikka lasagna. No, I know. I know it sounds terrible but I’m not even kidding it was AMAZING. It was so tasty, easy to put together and just all round delicious. You can find the recipe here.

My Fave make up find…

L’Oreal Revitalift Eye Serum. It’s a game changer, it gives you a completely crazy … almost eye lift. No, seriously. I was sent some in a press package and I didn’t really believe the claims but it WORKS. Just for plumping and lifting the eyes, banishing those crows feet (I mean, I’ve had botox so… you know, they aren’t really there anymore anyway ha!) and giving your face a pep. You can grab it here.

My fave fashion find…

Monki green daisy jeans, these ones were so well sized but I will say the overall sizing was a MESS. I love the pattern and colour, they just felt like the cutest find for a summer day that isn’t too hot but has that gorgeous sunshine.

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