How to enjoy a family-friendly holiday experience in Cornwall

Cornwall is one of the most charming UK holiday destinations, especially if you’re spending your break with your family.

There are plenty of charming villages, family-friendly attractions, and more, to spend some of the best moments with your loved ones.

Here’s how to enjoy and make the most out of your next Cornwall family holidays that you’ll want to return to ASAP! 

Family-friendly accommodation

Whilst planning your holiday, you’ll want to make sure that there are accommodation choices suitable for families.

Luckily, at a range of Cornwall holiday resorts, you can confidently book a spacious style of accommodation that’s suited to everyone – from kids to grandparents.

What’s even better is that there are dog-friendly options too, so no family member is left out!

With plenty of on-site amenities to suit a range of different people, there’s really nothing you have to sacrifice for an amazing time away in Cornwall.

Activities for all

Not only is Cornwall accommodation suitable for all family members but the activities and attractions you can try here are too!

If you’re looking to try some activities on-site at your holiday destination, then there are things for everyone, like arts and crafts for the kids and spa treatments for the adults, for example.

Of course, there’s much more to discover, but research your chosen resort to find out what’s on offer and whether you need to book any activities beforehand.

Exploring outside of your holiday resort will also provide you with plenty to do, as Cornwall is a haven for exploration.

You can all learn something new this holiday by visiting the National Maritime Museum, alongside the Eden Project, or try an adventure by going to Cornwall’s Crealy Great Adventure Park – perfect for family days out!

Family-friendly beaches

Of course, one of the biggest attractions that deserves its own section is the variety of beaches that call Cornwall home.

There are different beaches for different experiences, serving as a great way to have some family fun on holiday.

Whether you want to play beach games, build sandcastles, have a beach picnic, or dip your feet in the waters – you’re spoiled for choice.

Whilst being kid-friendly and in many cases dog-friendly, everyone can partake in the holiday fun!

And if you have some adventurous older children with you, you could even try some water sports.

So, what are your family beach plans?

A meal for everyone

Whilst away it may be difficult to find meals suitable for everyone, especially if you have children who can only eat certain meals.

Luckily, whilst on a Cornwall holiday, you can find plenty of options both on-site and around Cornwall to satisfy everyone’s hunger needs.

You can try a range of treats, including the famous Cornish pasty, local seafood, and of course, the more basic dishes if that’s what you or your children prefer.

This means that you don’t have to worry about everyone dining comfortably and can instead indulge in the local delicacies – this could even help your kids open their eyes to a new dish that may have previously been out of their comfort zone!

There’s no better time than on holiday to try something new…

You can enjoy an amazing family-friendly holiday in Cornwall, so which family members will you share this experience with?

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