Meal Plan 20/06

Helllooooo, I’m typing this as I’m stuck in a cycle of trying to call the bank, wondering if they are ever going to answer the phone and stop diverting me to the bloody app – ahh Mondays.

Anyway, we’ve just come off the back of a lovely weekend in London and now it’s time to think forwards to the week ahead. I have a lot I want to achieve this week but first let’s have a nip backwards to our meals last week:

  • Monday :: Chicken Paprikash – this actually went down so well, I wasn’t terribly keen but EVERYONE had seconds!
  • Tuesday :: Beans on Toast – always a simple winner!
  • Wednesday :: Chicken Enchiladas – this was super popular, and to be honest I don’t know why I don’t do it more often.
  • Thursday :: Sausage and Mash – another easy win
  • Friday/Saturday – we had Mcdonald’s and then a Giraffe in the train station.
  • Sunday :: Lasagne – Adam’s fave and a sure win.

So let’s move on to this week:

Monday :: Mac n Cheese

Easy peasy and ideal for that evening when I’m waiting on the shopping to be delivered.

Tuesday :: One Pot Chicken and Rice

I can guarantee that this will go down well and the kids will all eat it. It’s simple and tasty, I’ll serve it with carrots as suggested I think! Recipe by The Dinner Bite.

Wednesday :: Tuscan Chicken Pasta

I’ve done this a few times in the past with different recipes and I always find it to be hit and miss depending on how the kids are feeling, but my top tips is to shred the chicken and then chop the veg suuuuuper small. This is from The Cozy Cook.

Thursday :: Crispy Potato topped mince

This is one of those hearty meals that I’ll probably regret on Thursday because it will be too hot to eat something so filling, but you just never know! This is from Slimming Eats.

Friday :: Fajitas

Saturday :: Takeaway

Sunday :: Curry from my book!

My chicken curry always goes down SUCH a treat, and I make enough that I know the kids can enjoy it the following day for leftover lunch. You can find my book in all good book stores and here on Amazon.

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