Meal Plan 06/06

Hellooooo! Did we all survive half term? Are some of us still stuck in the midst of it? I have to confess I normally love the kids being on holiday, but this one was TOUGH. I felt really out of it, like I just hadn’t planned for them to be at home. My anxiety has been through the roof this past week, and I really haven’t been able to put my finger on why. There really isn’t any point in trying to share a “how we did last week” on our meals because I don’t think we ate one thing on the meal planner ha! I never made it to the shop, we went out, I couldn’t be bothered… many, many reasons in there.

So what about this week where I WILL be sticking to the plan?

Monday :: Chicken Curry

Ok, I marinaded some chicken yesterday FULLY intending to cook a curry for dinner but then we went to our street Jubilee party and it was amazing – I didn’t realise they were going to put on food! The kids filled their boots, I had a few nibbles and we never ended up getting a proper meal style dinner, so the marinaded chicken is even tastier and ready for today. You can find my curry recipe in my book.

Tuesday :: Hungarian Goulash

It is SO chilly this week, so this recipe sounds ideal – it promises to be the cuddle in a cosy blanket I think we all need. From The Cozy Apron.

Wednesday :: Asian Pork meatballs and Coconut rice

Right, I feel like I’ve created a very curry/asian heavy week this week, without really realising it when I was meal planning. I’m not sure what I think of it, but if there is one thing the kids will universally smash, it’s a curry. This is from Our Life Tastes Good.

Thursday :: Ravioli

Edith has gymnastics on a Thursday, so something that I can whack in the slow cooker or do super quickly when I get back is a must. Ravioli, from the shop – I’m not hand making it this time thank you – is ideal, quickly whack it together with some butter and parmesan. DONE.

Friday :: Takeaway/Meal out

It’s Adam’s birthday! So we will be heading out, probably to his fave place (KFC or McDonalds ha!) and then going to the cinema to see the new Jurassic World movie!

Saturday :: Chicken Tikka Lasagne

No, you read that right. I’ll be honest, I think this might traumatise Adam, but we’re going for it! Recipe is from Shemins.

Sunday :: Chilli con Carne

I’ve said it time and again, recipes that I can bundle the leftovers (if the boys allow for any, which they do less and less as they eat more than their dad…) into a thermal container so they can have a meal at school are a Sunday WIN. If you’re after the thermal pots I use, I highly recommend S’well and Chilly’s.

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