Meal Plan 30/05

Right troops, it’s half term which means there is a need to BUCKLE UP, because for the next week there will be endless “I’m hungry… but I don’t want that” and “HE PUSHED MEEEEEEE” conversations going on in our houses, and dinner is probably going to be an event that requires a bit of panic cooking…

I’m not going to even bother trying to review over last week because I was full of cold and just keeping my family alive for 98% of it.

Monday :: Southern Style Shrimp

Honestly, this sounds delish but I will probably cave and do chicken for Reuben, Edith and Adam because who wants to waste money on prawns for them not to be eaten? Not me! This is from Half Baked Harvest.

Tuesday :: Chicken Cacciatore

Easy and something that I can set up earlier on in the day and leave to do it’s thang! This is from Well Plated.

Wednesday :: Chicken Fajitas

Easy peasy chicken fajita squeezy! At this point I will probably buy a kit from the supermarket because it’s easy and tasty!

Thursday :: Thai fish curry

Look, Toby asked me to add fish into our diet – he claimed he liked it and would eat it. I imagine this isn’t wholly true BUT I actually do like white fish fillets in curries, stir fries etc so we will see what they make of this. As per, I will pop some sauce aside and bang some chicken in a portion for Adam who detests fish (and freeze a portion too for them to have left over chicken curry!) This is from The Endless Meal.

Friday :: Takeaway

Saturday :: Hot Dogs & Party Platter

Yep, we’re probably only going to have a movie & chill night BUT I think the kids will love having hot dogs, party platters and something a lil bit different!

Sunday :: Spag Bol

Simple and ideal for the next day at school too!

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