8 Bakes that will save you money on packed lunches

Despite my blog post last week about certain things being banned in schools and how outrageous that is, it turns out that a lot of people are in the same lucky position as us of being able to send whatever they like (within reason). With that in mind, I thought I would pop together a little post about things I’ve baked and sent into school with my kids for packed lunches. Not only does it save me money – probably the most attractive thing about doing it – but it also gives me an activity to do with Edith on a weekend.


This is one of my faves, though I’ll be honest it never lasts long. It’s really simple and quick to make, cheap as chips and the ingredients you buy can make it 2-3 times over. One tray will (in theory) last for a full week… but I end up eating them for breakfast too! This recipe is from BBC Good Food.


Small, super easy and fun to decorate. I usually go easy on the decoration front as I think that’s probably the most sugary bit and no one wants a sugar crash at school! This makes 24 so will last the kids for the week, they are wonderfully freezable and ideal for a little dessert. This basic recipe is from Good to Know – and don’t forget you can really go wild with this by adding essence or flavouring to make something different.


It doesn’t get any more basic does it? The truth is if you’re buying cookies like this you’re probably going to get a packet of 6 and it will cost you more than it would to make a whole load with this. This is a classic tollhouse cookie recipe from Nestle, but you can literally make any cookie you like.

Fruit cake slices

Ok, hear me out: I will only eat fruit cake when it’s buttered with a bit of cheese. Same as Christmas cake. Yes, I know. I know. I don’t care. I’d say it’s a delicacy in the later months of the year and I love this adaption of a loaf cake to a tray bake from Traditional Home Baking.

Banana Bread

Following on from this I have a chocolate banana bread recipe that the boys absolutely LOVE taking in their packed lunches and enjoying on an afternoon after school! I know everyone went a bit crackers for it (and sourdough) during the lockdowns but this is so easy and it’s delish.

Lemon Slices

This is actually one of the recipes from my book Mummin’ It, which you can get here. It’s so simple to do and you can freeze them too!

Jam tarts

I haven’t made these in ages (added them to my list for this weekend!) but the kids LOVE these and Reuben especially enjoys them. They are cheaper than cheap to make, easy to store and never last long. This recipe is from Delicious Magazine.


I’ve made little apple pastries for the kids before after collecting apples in their grandparent’s orchard, but these caramel apple slices are making my stomach growlllllll. I mean HELLO. If you didn’t fancy the caramel, then you could do it without. The recipe is from Love Foodies.

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