Meal Plan 03/10

It’s finally October! One of my fave months of the year, when all things spooky start to appear. I am nothing if not a cliché, but I wholeheartedly embrace my love of pumpkins, scary movies (even though I’m dreadful watching them) and cosy sofa snuggles. I love it. You know what else I love? The return of delicious, hot comfort food. NOM.

So let’s have a gander at last week shall we?

  • Monday :: Bolognese – always a winner, especially on nights when Toby has football and there is a need for something ready to eat but warming.
  • Tuesday :: Chicken curry – again, I chose wisely this week, simple pleasures I will defo make and reheat for lunches.
  • Wednesday :: Creamy garlic chicken – didn’t end up making this, I can’t actually remember what we did have…
  • Thursday :: Sweet potato soup – made this on Friday.
  • Friday :: Mac N Cheese – made this for everyone whilst I was in London on Thursday.
  • Saturday :: Takeaway – actually had some shop bought pizzas.
  • Sunday :: Black pepper chicken – I DID A ROAST! I was so excited to eat it and it was lush.

So moving on to this week:

Monday :: Chicken Fajitas

Easy peasy and I have a load of peppers to use up!

Tuesday :: Creamy garlic pesto chicken

This looks divine, and really easy to do too so always a winner in my eyes. Recipe is from Eat Well 101 and can be served with rice, pasta or mash…

Wednesday :: Chilli con carne

So easy to make, and as with bolognese and curry, it’s one of the best things to include in the kid’s pack up the following day.

Thursday :: Baked Potatoes with chilli

What could be easier than making a chilli con carne on one night, and then banging some baked potatoes into the oven the following night? Edith will probably have cheese on hers and I will reserve some beans for the boys IF they want that instead. Also, probably worth saying I’m planning to batch the chilli – so it will be enough for both dinners and a lunch.

Friday :: Sausage & cider casserole with apples & sage

This literally SCREAMS Autumn in your face like a hangry baby. It’s quintessential Autumn fare and I’m really looking forward to it! This recipe is from Delicious Magazine.

Saturday :: Chicken fried rice

This sounds wonderful from Taming Twins – I think I’ll buy some Spring rolls, wontons etc to go with it and make a little feast.

Sunday :: Steak Pie

This Scottish delight will be a source of intense joy for the majority of the house! Recipe from Scottish Scran.

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