Meal Plan 26/09

Helloooooo! How are we all this week? I’m going to start this off right in the deep end with a confession – I have spent the majority of the last week in a state of anxiety and PMS, which is lifting now (thankfully) but I’m feeling all the blah about everything. Do you find that your motivation ups and motivates itself away from you when you’re on your period? Or even just when the nights get longer and those mornings are so dull and dark? Because same.

Anyway, let’s have a look at last week:

  • Monday :: Pizzas – fine, easy, everyone enjoyed it!
  • Tuesday :: Red Thai curry – Tobes actually made his way through this pretty quickly, and then seconds and then took it for lunch the following day so I’m going to call it a win.
  • Wednesday :: Minced Beef pie – As predicted, I ditched the pie element and just made the filling.
  • Thursday :: Slow cooker chicken stew – actually really yummy, everyone enjoyed it!
  • Friday :: Beans on toast – easy and everyone eats it. Edith has pasta or cheesy toast.
  • Saturday :: Takeaway
  • Sunday :: Picadillo – Look. Last night I was at my worst so we had a second takeaway… which I will spend approx 0 hours feeling bad about.

So onwards to this week!

Monday :: Bolognese

It’s easy, I know everyone will eat it and it’s LIKELY (never guarenteed!) that I will have leftovers for Toby’s lunch tomorrow at minimum, possibly Edith’s too.

Tuesday :: Chicken Curry

Ahh the infallible chicken curry from my book Mummin’ It. I can’t lose with this one so I do it on the reg!

Wednesday :: Creamy Garlic chicken

This sounds amazing from The Cozy Cook – just what I need on an autumnal evening!

Thursday :: Sweet Potato Soup

Is my family going to complain? Yes. Do I care? Probably will on the day, actually, especially when the complaints will be “I don’t like soup” as opposed to “I don’t like the flavour” but we’re going with it. This is from TY Berry Much.

Friday :: Macaroni Cheese

Another easy win!

Saturday :: Takeaway

Sunday :: Black Pepper chicken

This sounds amazing from the Omnivore’s Cookbook, so I’m going to give it a go!

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