Halloween boxes for kids

Ok look, parents are looking at potentially facing £200 fines for taking their kids trick or treating and frankly, who the hell would want to in this current climate ANYWAY? On top of that, we’re a bit naff in the UK at the awesomeness that is Halloween, we seemed to get a bit better and then BAM – Coronavirus.

So this year, much like Christmas Eve boxes, I’ve decided to make Halloween boxes so that on the morning my kids can wake up and have a little bit of Halloween joy! Why the hell not eh?

There are so many ways to do this, varying from the cost-you-next-to-nothing to the wow-that-was-a-fun-but-totally-unnecessary-expense. I figured I would be better off writing a blog post about how to make the ultimate Halloween box to pep up Halloween filled with ideas for things that you could include, some will be going in mine!

  • PJs – I’ve bought some PJs for the kids to snuggle up in! They all have the skeleton vibe, Edith’s are pink, Toby’s plain and Reuben has a onesie!
  • Cake/baking mixes – these are a great way to entertain the kids for an hour or so, there are loads of different mixes out this year. Mr Kipling, Dr Oetkur and Cake Decor have some lovely mixes, as well as the supermarket own versions!
  • Paint kits – I’ve bought paint a pumpkin kit this year
  • Sweets – no trick or treating doesn’t have to mean no treats! I’ve bought some shaped lollies, body part gummies and a Cadbury screme eggs!
  • Halloween activity packs – I’ve bought some scratch art kits, some make your own haunted house kits and downloaded some colouring pages
  • Printable ticket for 1 Halloween movie – so simple, you can make one for free online and it’s just a sweet thing to add in. Alternatively you can print this one I made!
  • Pumpkin carving kit
  • Pumpkin for carving
  • Fancy dress – there are so many different outfits out there now for every budget.
  • Face paint
  • Spooky/character face mask
  • Themed playdough/slime
  • A bucket for an Easter style Halloween sweet hunt!

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