What we read: The Tale of Lundravar the Dragon

Brilliant book by world renowned illustrator John A Blakey

Brilliant book by world renowned illustrator John A Blakey

I love a good storybook. Not a short story or a spin off of a favourite t.v series or film but a proper, old fashioned storybook like Alice in Wonderland or works by the Brother’s Grimm.

Well, the Tale of Lundravar the Dragon is one of those books. I generally read Reuben a page to a page and a half of this a night (it’s what we are reading at the moment) as it is quite small text, but we are enjoying it so much! The story is based on a little dragon who hatches centuries after dragons have been vanquished from the world. It follows his journey and all the ups and downs he has along his path to self discovery. It is a truly epic tale of good versus evil, and I have to say I wouldn’t be surprised to see it made into a movie at some point.

Everything about the book is wonderfully captivating, and the illustrations are nothing but what you would expect from the author and illustrator John A Blakey, who is world renowned for his illustrations and is so so talented. Blakey wrote the book for his daughters and has donated proceeds from the sale of this book to various charities over the years.

I love this story and I think anyone, young or old, will too!

You can buy a copy here, or interact with the Lundravar site.

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