Things I’ve loved this month (Jan 2021)

And what a month it has been – straight off the bat I can tell you that I haven’t loved lockdown or the subsequent homeschooling this time, BUT that isn’t what this post is about. In amongst the many things that I haven’t loved caused by lockdown, there have been a surprising amount of things I have enjoyed and small businesses that I have discovered along the way so in a bid to share the joy (which I fear is in short supply this year) I’ve popped my faves of Jan 2021 together!

Tales of Toria Bath bombs and carpet freshener

Harry Potter fan? Disney fan? Well then my friends, you need to get yourself over to Tales of Toria. Every Friday at 6pm this business does a restock and by Saturday morning loads of their bath bombs and soaps are sold out! If it’s not their themed bath bombs I’m crushing on, then their carpet freshener is the BEST. It smells absolutely wonderful, it lasts for ages and refreshes the carpets!


I’ve developed a bit of a love for painting! Please don’t confuse this with me being *good* at painting – I’m really not, but I have been enjoying painting, my fave tutorial is by Sophie Tea Art on instagram (saved as an IGTV) to help you replicate your own nude. I love it! There are tutorials for literally anything on youtube! My paint set is very similar to this one from amazon for £16.99.

Bridgerton on Netflix

Is it the deepest Tv programme? No. Is it groundbreaking and utterly epic? Also no. What it IS is a story about love and about two people who find happiness together with the added spice of sex, glorious outfits and a bit of humour. I loved it. It was one of those TV series I was convinced I would hate but ohhhh I loved it!

The Bridgerton book series

I mean I really did love it. I did. So I started reading the first book on the recommendation of so many people in my instagram community. They are so lovely – it’s so desperately not my thing, I read murder/crime thrillers but I just finished book 4 of 9 last night and had to force myself to put my kindle down and not open the next book. They are just too easy going and I would call them “smut for the soul” in that they are raunchy and smutty but leave you feeling cosy and pleased.

Toaster tortilla pockets

I saw these on my friend Ciara’s instagram (@myfussyeaster) and I immediately ditched the tortilla quarter fold because THESE were better! It doesn’t matter what you’re putting in them, they are genuinely yummy and so so easy to make. I do also love those tortilla quarter wraps with chicken tikka, salad and a healthy dose of hot sauce. NOM.

And thats it! My fave things that have just brightened the times a little bit!

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    Chloe Rhys-Jones
    January 28, 2021 / 12:08 am

    What a fab January round up. Your painting is absolutely amazing.

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