Meal Plan 1/2

Well January was a long year wasn’t it? Here’s to February! Keeping fingers and toes crossed that it can be a slightly better month than the last one!

Food wise, let’s have a recap of last week:

  • Monday :: Edith’s birthday – it’s weird to think that this is only a week ago, it feels like months. Edith chose a McDonald’s drive through and plain pasta for dinner. A woman of deep taste.
  • Tuesday :: Chicken Chimichanga – this was actually delicious and super simple to make.
  • Wednesday :: Honey Mustard chicken – very tasty!
  • Thursday :: Hoisin chicken noodles – not quite what we had but similar, I couldn’t get hold of hoisin so I did soy and honey.
  • Friday :: Takeaway – we did! We had pizza. I miss chinese but I coulnd’t be arsed to go and get it!
  • Saturday :: Beef Satay stir fry – I actually ended up using chicken! We had a freezer full due to missing meals and I figured it would make sense to use it up.
  • Sunday :: English breakfast – never are the boys more delighted!

So onwards to this week…

Monday :: Beef Stroganoff

Usually a pretty firm fave (if I hide the mushrooms) so I figured this would be an easy one for the pressure cooker and those strips of beef I didn’t use up last week! This recipe is from Recipe Tin Eats, one of my faves and never a fail!

Tuesday :: Mild Chicken Curry

This seems very similar to one that I have adapted from Taming Twin’s recipe of the last 2 years, and I think the kids will really enjoy it! They do love a chicken curry and this just seems… easy! From Slimming Eats.

Wednesday :: Chicken, Bacon and Leek cottage pie

This recipe from Tesco website looks like the ideal twist on a yummy (and warming since it’s blaaaady freezing) classic – and the best thing is I have most of the ingredients pleading to be used UP!

Thursday :: Vegan Red Thai Curry

Now honestly, I think this from From A Chef’s Kitchen, looks delish, whether the kids will agree or not is another matter. It’s all veg the boys love and Edith would mostly be ok with the blandly coloured potato and cauliflower, so we shall see. Regardless I’m excited for it!

Friday :: Takeaway

Saturday :: Classic Mac N Cheese

It’s been a while since I’ve done this as a classic bake, I normally just use a cheese sauce over the top for ease, but I’m going to give this my Saturday attention! This is from The Modern Proper.

Sunday :: Classic Spag Bol

Yup, hitting up all the classics this week! I love the sound of this from Foodie Crush, though I will most likely default to the same old same old recipe I use every time!

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