Tambino Bed guards

Tambino bookshelf bedguard

Tambino bookshelf bedguard

When we made the decision to move Roo from a cot to a bed I searched high and low for a stylish but practical bed guard that wasn’t too babyish but would be useful in more ways than one and wasn’t that god awful plastic pink or blue.

I came across tambino products during my search and their bed guard blew me away! It is just brilliant!! The concept is a bed guard designed to double as a bookshelf. It comes in a variety of natural woods and white and fits to almost any bed. Reuben loves to slot his books into the side and he will frequently climb onto his bed and pull one out in order to start telling me exactly what he can see.

I also love the fact that when he is older I can move the bed to the other side of the room (or move the bed guard) and he will be able to use the bookshelf as simply a bookshelf without the bed guard function. I just think it is a product that will have such a phenomenal lifespan and will grow with him.

Reuben's tambino bed guard is the perfect bedtime companion.

Reuben’s tambino bed guard is the perfect bedtime companion.

Now that Toby is getting a little bit older I am thinking about moving him into a bed in the next six to nine months, and I have visited Tambino again to check out what they are doing now. I love their new bed guard in the shape of a Noah’s Ark, it is so cute! I think I could fall in love with this one and end up with one completing my nursery!

How sweet is this Noah's Ark bed guard?!

How sweet is this Noah’s Ark bed guard?!

To view the full Tambino collection, visit their etsy shop here.

Harriet x

P.s – You may well fall in love with the extra large pillows they make, or the fantastic desks, I know I did!!

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