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Scavenger Hunting and Woodland Walks

I find the little things about our day to day life remind me of how fortunate we are to live in the countryside. Don’t get me wrong, I love cities but when the seasons change we love being able to show the boys the new plants, trees, wildlife etc.

I love this snap of Roo on Daddy's shoulders - just one of those rare, lucky shots!

I love this snap of Roo on Daddy’s shoulders – just one of those rare, lucky shots!

Autumn is such a fantastic season for showing the boys the wonder of our earth. Reuben especially benefits from little woodland walks in autumn as we can talk about the colours of the leaves, the different animals and what they do/sounds they make. It is a great learning experience for him and gives him the chance to run about and express himself.

We usually take a little bag or basket with us, something he can fill up with whatever he thinks is magical. While he charges about, Toby gets to see an assortment of birds, squirrels and other creatures. It’s a great time for us to all enjoy together as a family.

My husband and Roo have so much fun collecting conkers as well. It is wonderful to watch his little face as he searches for those ‘treasures’ he wants and when we get home, hours are spent making holes in them and threading them onto string ready to  play with.

Now as things are getting colder as we settle into winter in the UK, I love to do scavenger hunts in the woods for things we could use to craft with at Christmas time. Pine cones are great fun, so festive and Roo loves to decorate with glitter and sequins. Tie a ribbon to the top and you have a homemade decoration.

Twigs are wonderful for homemade wreaths to hang on the door for a traditionally festive feel. Walks in the woodlands really are the best Autumn activities for kids.

Harriet x

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