Sniph fragrances :: The ultimate Perfume addicts dream.

Did you know that smell is one of the biggest triggers for memories? It has the biggest connection to our brain out of all of our senses – pretty cool right?

I know certain smells remind me of certain events with crystal clarity – a spritz of one perfume reminds me of being in the college bathroom, phishing through my HUGE bag to try and find some lipgloss. Other smells remind me of being in labour, especially ones in the hospital like the hand sanitiser – bizarre isn’t it?

When we think about it, is it any wonder that so many people love candles, flowers and perfume? These are such common gifts, especially for women – you buy her some flowers, maybe a candle for your mum but perfume is the big one. The intimate one.

Perfume for me has always been a big part of my life – I know that sounds corny and a little bit unbelievable, but it’s oh so very true – my dressing table has bottles upon bottles of perfume, seldom bought by me but that I adore. I just feel more dressed with a spritz! A friend of mine (and it’s Ghost perfume that reminds me of her) used to spray perfume before she would get into bed and I remember asking her what on earth she was doing, why spray it before bed? Her response? I just like to smell nice for me.

That’s where my point is – I promise I’m getting to it. I stopped wearing so much perfume when I was breastfeeding and after I had my children, I didn’t want to overpower them and I didn’t feel like it would be good for them, but in doing so, I lost a little bit of myself. I found that my perfume display sat, forever gathering dust, and I didn’t wear perfume for so long I really feel like I fell out of love with it.

Recently I’ve been discovering new scents with Sniph, a premium perfume subscription service that starts from just £9 per month (for a 4ml spritz) or £14 which gets you a full month’s supply. I always wanted to try a subscription service, it was something that I felt would be a little bit of happy mail just for me. That is just a little bit of something each month for me, but honestly I wouldn’t use 90% of the products in most of the subscription services offered – especially beauty ones. I could look at a toastie making subscription (a real thing) but that’s over and done with within a matter of hours and the kids would probably nick off with it anyway!

Perfume is the ultimate subscription for me and Sniph helps you to find a new scent each month, tailored to exactly what you would like and chosen by experts from artisan fragrances from the very best boutique studios. This is high end perfume that is tailored to your preferences using Sniph’s online quiz – what do you prefer? What is your usual? And so on. They get to know your preferences and if you aren’t keen on something? Let them know you prefer something else. As I sit here and type I am enjoying the scent of my second instalment of perfumes from them (month 2) and I specifically emailed to tell them that I would prefer something more floral than the first month. My current scents have rose, lily of the valley, patchouli and jasmine. Bang on the nail for what I requested and beautiful.

It’s not just for women either, men need a little self love too, and they can have it with Sniph.

I think it’s really important to treat ourselves, especially as mothers, we become so focussed on treating everyone else that we don’t think of ourselves enough and Sniph has been a way for me to reconnect with the old me whilst moving forward with new memory making scents.

Sniph have given me a discount for you lovely lot too, so to get £5 off your first box use the code TOBYANDROO5. Visit to find out more.

H ? x

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