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Yesterday I mentioned that I have been filled with self doubt lately and how I wanted to share that feeling with you all because I wanted to let others know that they aren’t alone if that is how they have been feeling. I truly believe it’s something that all mother’s go through, after all, having children is such a life altering thing – it changes us, completely and wholly.

I mentioned that I had a key ring from Merci Maman that I was gifted by that really help me to remember that, actually, as much as I might think I’m not doing the best job, I’m not doing all that bad. In fact, I’m doing ok and I need to give the self doubt a swift kick to the nethers and move along. After I wrote that post I received a rush of tweets and IG DMs to tell me that I wasn’t alone and to remind me that there is a solidarity in motherhood like no other. That solidarity begins with my own mum, who has been my biggest champion (along with my long suffering husband).

My mum is the type of mum who always has my back, no matter how down I am on myself, she’s always there the build me up and remind me that I’m not doing half as badly as I might think. I have spent many an evening crying to my mum over a perceived parenting failure only for her to tell me that she has done similar or worse, as did her mother. Again, solidarity.

Going back to my beautiful keyring yesterday from have got such thoughtful gifts for mums, unique and special just like they are, from some of the UK’s most talented and creative individual crafters and small businesses. It’s one of the reasons that when it’s my mum’s birthday, or a special time of year when we get to think about all that our mum’s mean to us like Mother’s Day, I head on over to have a look at the suggestions.

The key ring that I have, which was gifted to me as part of the #ForMumsWho campaign by doesn’t just remind me of my children, with their names beautifully engraved on the silver tokens, but also of my mum, who has always had a host of silly key rings for her cars, her house keys and her work keys throughout the years. There is still a totally random soft toy caterpillar one hanging on the front door key in our porch. Key rings have always made me think of my mum and smile, it’s one of the reasons that a Merci Maman key ring of her very own would suit her perfectly this Mother’s Day.

What are you getting for your mum this Mother’s Day? Tell me here or on twitter using the hashtag #ForMumsWho – let keep this solidarity going … oh and don’t forget to discover unique gifts for every mum this Mother’s Day, 26 March, at

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  1. Avatar March 21, 2017 / 11:12 am

    What a beautiful key ring! Not On The Highstreet do the best presents x

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