NEW Maltesers luxury chocolates *THIS IS NOT A DRILL*

Last week I posted a little teaser on Instagram about something that had “made us break out in spots” with the hashtag #MaltesersDotDotDot – so many people asked what it was all about and were intrigued (others were, understandably baffled about why I had dived on to my pixelated stage with felt tip dots all over my face). If you followed the links in that post to the Maltesers dot dot dot Instagram page (or even to their facebook page) then you would have seen that something very spotty and exciting is abound… very exciting indeed!

Guess what? I can spill the beans now and tell you that I have been trying out a new treat from Maltesers and it comes in the form of luxury chocolate **just** in time for Mother’s Day! Now, if you are anything like me the words “new chocolate” will send a shiver of delight and excitement down your spine… there is little more enticing than trying a chocolate that you haven’t before, especially if you are already a fan of their current offerings. Maybe that is just me… though I doubt that entirely.


For me, the best way to describe the new Maltesers luxury chocolates is to tell you that I allowed Adam to taste one and refused the children on the explanation that these were for “grown ups”… the rest I scoffed like a Bergen with pizza (if you don’t get that Trolls reference, you are in the wrong place my friend). They have this sort of malt taste to them that you can’t mistake for Maltesers but with a soft chocolate-y centre that is just divine! If you think of Ferrero Rocher but without the nuts or nutty flavour you are on the right track. Seriously sumptuous, and I’ve even added them to my “please buy me this” list for Mother’s Day!

That’s the other thing I love about these delectable new chocolates from Maltesers the red polka dot box screams luxury and each divine morsel of yumminess is wrapped in its own individual red foil wrapped… which I guess means you could share if you were inclined (though I can guarantee you won’t be). The nation is breaking out in polka dots to celebrate the release of the new line of chocolates and I’m only to happy to join them.

If you want to get your hands on these little delights, then you can grab them in Debenhams for a very reasonable £6 from today. The perfect way to say I love you!

*** Choccys were gifted to me by Maltesers & this is a collaborative post (this was a very hard job and every chocolate had to be eaten. Every single one. Just so I could confirm they were divine – I took one for the team on this one guys…)

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