Meal Plan :: Week 7

So this week we’re going to be enjoying the last of the kitchen! ARGH!

The builders move in on Tuesday but shouldn’t actually be taking over the kitchen for a little while, so whilst I still have an oven, I’m making the most of it! That means lots of tray bakes and means that require the odd bit of frying. First thing is first though: last week…

  • Monday: Slow cooker cottage pie – always a winner and one for my list of “meals you can cook completely in a slow cooker.
  • Tuesday: Creamy butternut squash alfredo pasta – bit hit and miss, I thought it was lovely and Toby asked for seconds but Edith, Reuben and Adam weren’t keen.
  • Wednesday: Stuffed peppers and Birds Eye chargrill chicken – always a winner. They love this and I ended up having more than one pepper (eek!)
  • Thursday: One pot chicken Enchiladas – I didn’t end up doing this, we were out late and this one, despite looking amazing, didn’t fit the “super quick” bill I was in need of.

So what about this week? Well, I’m vibing tray bakes!

Monday :: Mary Berry’s Sausage & Roasted Veg Tray Bake

This just looks amaze, and I know that everyone will enjoy it, plus it uses up some of the fridge contents AND it means I can use my oven before it moves along to the oven heaven in the sky. Find the recipe here via the BBC.

Tuesday :: Med fish stew with crusty bread via Gousto Cooking.

I collaborated with Gousto cooking a week ago and I still have one of their recipes to eat so that is this. If you haven’t tried Gousto before, as a paying customer and a freelancer who has worked with them, I highly recommend it. It’s delish. This fish stew should be delicious!

Wednesday :: Sheet pan chicken & sweet potatoes from Yummy Beet

This looks lush and I have some sweet potatoes that I need to use up so that will be perfect! I think this kind of tray bake is always a bit hit and miss with the kids – it could go one of two ways. Find the recipe here.

Thursday :: Dump & Bake sweet and sour chicken via The Seasoned Mom

Yummmmmmerrsss! I really want to try the kids with an easy and simple chicken sweet and sour – I think Toby will like it, but the other two I’m on the fence with. This one from The Seasoned Mom looks LUSH.

Friday :: Take away night.

Subjecting them to another one.

Saturday :: Easy Chicken Enchiladas from Taming Twins

Does it have easy in the title and is it from one of my faves? WINNING. Taming twins is one of my fave blogs and her food is always amazing, I adore her – plus, she is lovely to boot. Here is the recipe for these lush chicken enchiladas.

Sunday :: Sunday Roast

I won’t be able to do this much longer without chaos so I’m making the most of the last parts of our oven days (until the new one is installed but let’s be fair, it’s going to be a while!)

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    April 2, 2019 / 3:23 pm

    I never really comment on blogs, but just wanted to let you know that I’m really loving this series and I’m cooking along with you each week! My littles were really not fans of the butternut pasta either but I would recommend you giving the enchilada rice a go another time – it was so good!

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