Meal Plan :: week 5

Last week was actually very up and down, we were out and about rather a lot and I didn’t stick to the plan as well as I would have liked, so I’m a bit annoyed with myself!! I do have some feedback on what I did manage to get around to doing! You can read my post about last week here, but here’s a week overview!

  • Monday: Sausage and veg tray bake – Guys this was DELISH! I think the boys were a bit put off by how herby it was, I would maybe go with less herbs next time but they really really loved the sausages!
  • Tuesday: Filo veg parcel – Failed again on this front and we didn’t do it. I will cook this one day, I really will!
  • Wednesday: Spag bol – I actually had some in the freezer so I went with it and everybody must have enjoyed as there was nothing when I got home!
  • Thursday : Pizza – they ditched it for fish and chips, but as predicted there was no cooking whilst I was away!
  • Friday : Take away – of COURSE this happened! Of course!
  • Saturday: Birds Eye nugget taco boats – still absolutely loved it, I think this will forever be a popular winner!
  • Sunday: Stuffed chicken – we went to Crufts instead and basically polished off more mcdonalds than I’m willing to admit (2).

So lets look at this week shall we?

Monday :: Stuffed chicken from Cooktoria

I have defrosted the chicken and we are a-go! I’m really looking forward to trying this as it was the one that I wanted to try last week. Here is the recipe if you want reminding!

Tuesday :: Million Dollar Ravioli Lasagne from The Salty Marshmallow

I love the look of this, it sounds so much easier and quicker than lasagne which is Adam’s fave. I can buy some ravioli and then follow this simple idea! Win! Here is the recipe if you want to give this a go!

Wednesday :: One pot chicken and Dirty Rice from The Chunky Chef

This sounds amaze and there are no pots to wash! Winning at life with this one. I think in order to get… anyone other than me… to eat it I will need to cut the amount of spice, so I’m going to have a play and will let you know next week! Here is the recipe!

Thursday :: One pot stove top enchiladas by She Likes Food

The theme of one pot continues this week, and oh boy does this look good. I really like the idea of twisting up that enchilada vibe so this is something I’m excited to try! Here is the recipe from She Likes Food.

Friday :: Take away

They are going to have to suffer through another take away… here their sobs…

Saturday :: Prezzo with friends!

Something very exciting is happening for Adam and I this weekend… we’re becoming godparents to Henry, our friend’s son. He is just GORGE. Saturday night we are travelling down to them for a stop over and then Sunday will be allll the buffet food! Yay!

Sunday :: Buffett food and then road side café on the way home!

By road side café, I mean McDonalds… I’m not even sorry.

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  1. Avatar
    eric k
    March 15, 2019 / 4:46 am

    everything looks good especially the one pot chicken and dirty rice. Sausage adds so much flavor to any dish

  2. Avatar
    March 12, 2019 / 9:14 pm

    Big fan of the one pot, many delicious things in the plan

  3. Avatar
    Kelly D
    March 12, 2019 / 8:36 pm

    Everything looks delicious, especially the lasagne.

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