5 Dresses for Spring

Everyone knows I love me a good dress. Midi or maxi is my usual vibe with the odd mini chucked in there for good measure but not too short so as to show off my bloomers so I can avoid the chub rub.

As a self confessed tights hater, I have to say I love Spring, Summer and Autumn for dresses, winter is just a bit too nippy and I cant be doing with feeling frosty or having to wear big thick tights that don’t stay up, so now that the weather is getting a little warmer I am in my element.

I thought I would put together “The Dress Edition” and share with you some of my fave dress finds.

The Glamorous Red Leopard Floral Maxi £53

Ohhhh she so pretty. I really love this dress – partly because it combines leopards and floral print (which we all know I am HERE for.) but also because I love the chiffon sleeves and the collar. It’s just very much in style and not at all a bad price for a really comfy and glam maxi dress. You can find it on ASOS or via Glamorous.

The Ruffled Daises from Zara £69.99

I’ll take a pinch of summer with a dash of whimsy on the side for 1 please Carol. This dress is just so pretty, so whimsical without being too flouncy, I bladddddy love it. It’s mid range price and the fit is predictably small with it being Zara but LOOK at it. H-E-L-L-O! Find it at Zara.

The Oversized Snake from H&M £24.99

One of the more affordable dresses in this edit and I am LIVING for it. YAS. Look at that print. LOOK. AT. IT. You can find it at H&M.

The Dandelion Cotton blend Handkerchief from And Other Stories £79

I love this one, so Spring ready. The cut is beautiful for fitting different shapes too, I’m a big fan of a handkerchief cut and pale blue (well, pastels in general) are such a welcoming thing in Spring! Find it at And Other Stories.

The Embroidered Dress from Anthropologie £148

Sigh, as much as I love this dress I find £100+ SO much for a dress, I really do. I’ve included it because I love the embroidery but when you match it against the others it seems like a lot of money for one garment. Find it via Anthropologie here.

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