Meal Plan 5/7

Hello! have you survived the flood!? What on earth is happening with the weather – we get about 15 mins of the sun and then BOOM, deluge! It’s mad – but also still really muggy so I’m just not really sure what to put on the bloody meal planner. On top of this, there are only going to be 4 of us for part of the week because Toby is on a residential trip with school (fingers crossed it goes ahead – 2 days to count!!) and then later in the week there are lots of events happening for ends of term etc.

So what about last week?

  • Monday :: Spag bol – lush! Always a winner and there wasn’t any left over because Toby had THREE bowls ha!
  • Tuesday :: Chimichangas – everyone was thrilled and polished them off!
  • Wednesday :: Chilli con carne – had left over tacos for lunch the next day with this!
  • Thursday :: Greek Salad – actually had this for lunch as we went to visit Adam’s parents! It was deeeelish!
  • Friday :: Stuffed peppers – Ended up rushing and having pizza/pasta, Toby was furious!
  • Saturday :: Takeaway – the best
  • Sunday :: Chicken Curry – still a little bit in the fridge for lunch… or maybe even pockets for their school lunch… hmmm.

So onwards to next week:

Monday :: Hawaiian Chicken

I can see this going one of two ways BUT I have some pineapple to use use so its a must! The recipe is Dinner then Dessert. Oh and I will use breast because I’m ont a thigh fan!

Tuesday :: Stuffed peppers & Fish fingers

This is Toby’s fave and my way of making it up to him that I didn’t get round to stuffed peppers last week ha! Here is the recipe (from my own blog!)

Wednesday :: Mediterranean Chicken Orzo

Yay I finally have orzo! I always order it and it never comes on the order but gets subbed for the most random stuff! Anyway, I can’t wait to try this from Don’t go Bacon my Heart.

Thursday :: Homemade pasta

Edith has a thing for making pasta after doing a tutorial with DisneyPlus for Luca the movie – so of course we are making dough all the time! I think we will make the dough as soon as she comes in, then leave it to rest for as long as possible! Edith like it plain, and I’ve bough some n’duja sacla pesto for everyone else. This recipe is from Gimme some Oven – I’ve seen a few that add extra yolks and/or water to the dough too!

Friday :: Pizza night!

There is a little end of year party for Toby’s football and they will all be having pizzas!

Saturday :: Takeaway

Sunday :: Burgers

Reuben has specifically asked me for burgers which we don’t ever really have unless we have been somewhere like McDonalds or grabbed a kebab/pizza takeaway. I’ve bought some beef burgers from the supermarket and this will be a sort of… BBQ without the BBQ ha!

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