5 Books we’ve loved this month (that will diversify your kid’s bookshelf!)

This past month I’ve been on somewhat of a book buying spree. Every year, sometimes 2-3 times a year, I donate books to school that we have loved and are ready to rehome. My mum was someone who hoarded books and whilst that meant I had this wonderful library to share with my kids when they were older, a lot of the books were outdated and I kind of wanted to buy them more modern books of my own – on top of that, once you’ve read a book or you’re ready to say ‘that book can go in the loft’ I love the idea of putting it in the hands of other children who can find joy in it’s pages.

So, book buying spree commenced. I really wanted to focus on diversifying Edith’s book shelf (I’m using the term ‘shelf’ loosely, she stuffs them under her bed, in her bed and on her dresser…) and in addition to diversifying her shelf, I wanted to buy her some books that would be both empowering and help her connect with her emotions too. It’s harder to buy the boys books because they are at a stage where curling up and reading isn’t their thing, or Reuben likes to reader Marvel/Minecraft/Fornite books. As for Toby, we’re still very much making our way through the Harry Potter series on an evening.

Ready to Fly :: How Sylvia Townsend became the bookmobile ballerina

This is a lovely book for little ones like Edith that really love ballerinas. It is “no fiction” (as Edith puts it!) and based on the true story of Sylvia Townsend who taught herself ballet and went on to open her own ballet school. It touches upon how hard it can be to get into things that other children may take for granted – both because of poverty and racism. It’s inspiring, heart warming and beautifully illustrated. Find it here.

My Daddies

A lovely story about adoption and how all families are different. This tale is about how an adopted child sees her daddies, and what I really loved is that it was no different to any other child’s view of their parents and I think that really resonates with all kids on a level that helps them understand love is love and diversity. The daddies are story tellers, bubble bath beard makers and just like all good daddies – there just happen to be two in this family. Find it here.

Bodies are Cool

I came across this book on insta when That Single Mum shared it, and honestly, I think it’s the BEST book I’ve ever ever had in our arsenal in terms of encouraging children to see bodies as beautiful and different. It’s so beautifully illustrated, so diverse and filled with every type of body. What I really loved is that Edith spent her time reading and point at pictures saying “I like her, she’s so pretty” and then shouting Bodies are cool! At the end of every sentence. Find it here.

What Happened to you?

This is about a little boy who only has one leg, and how it makes him feel when children treat him differently. It’s a great way to encourage children to think about how they speak to others and how they treat people who have disabilities. Find it here.

How to Grow up and feel amazing :: The no worries guide for boys

Slightly different to the other books I’ve shared here, this one was very much for the boy’s collection – specifically Reuben, although it’s Toby that seems to have taken it up and decided it’s a bit of him! This book is aimed at children 7-12 and walks them through everything they could possibly need to know about puberty – including some wonderful chapters about cyber bullying and the modern ails of a tweens and teens. Find it here.

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