Meal Plan 5/4

Helllooo! I hope the Easter holidays are going well for you? We have had a lovely twist with the weather, it’s been so sunny (if a little on the chilly side), a rare turn of events for bank holiday weekends. I mean, it’s back to being forking freezing now so… yeah.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about something that we watched over the weekend when the kids went to see their grandparents (yay for being able to see Grandparents again, even if it’s only for a short time and in the garden!). If you read the meal plans a lot, you will know that I will sporadically post a fish recipe and always say something like “Adam hates fish, and none of us are really that fussed, but I feel so guilty as it’s so good for you and the kids should be eating it!” I’ve always felt so guilty that I’m not feeding my kids fish every week, after all that’s what we’re told is the optimum intake right? I am slowly, but surely, making my way to the point – we watched Seaspiracy on Netflix and it has totally changed my outlook on things. Firstly, the corruption around industrial and commercial fishing is terrifying – I had no idea that it was a contributor to the slave trade (something that can’t be said for meat and yet it’s shoved down your throat constantly when we talk about veganism or welfare with nary a mention of fishing). The environmental impact is so much more serious than the environmental impact of eating meat, and if that wasn’t enough, the scientists that they interviewed declared that it was, in fact, not all that good for you after all. All the chemicals we push into the ocean, the disease amongst the fish and the overall lack of health, god it was enough to make you feel so queasy.

I am not going to sit here and say to people “don’t eat fish” (which is how the documentary rounded up) because 1.) it’s never going to have the desired results and 2.) it’s just not my place. I eat meat – it would be so bloody hypocritical. What I will say is watch the documentary, and then if you can, look to your little local fishmonger (who is being royally screwed by commercial fishing too) where the fish is seasonal, caught that day by small, local trawlers. It was a real eye opener for me, and I will certainly never feel guilty for not eating fish often or feeding it to my family (especially “sustainable farm” Salmon borkkkkkkkk).

Prior to the pandemic, we’d also been doing great at cutting back on meat and still eating food we loved. Are we going to become vegetarian or vegan? No, but we are going to get back to eating less meat and replacing it with other things. This week I wanted to grab some things out of the freezer and then you will see we’re going to try some recipes later on in the week!

Ok, enough chat, let’s look back at last week:

  • Monday :: Beef Korma – very tasty!
  • Tuesday :: Beef & Dumplings – god it was just too hot. It was so so hot.
  • Wednesday :: Chunky chilli – yep, really tasty and straight out the freezer.
  • Thursday :: Orange chicken – honestly, if you have been waiting for us to try this recipe and feed back, you’re still waiting. It’s cursed!
  • Friday :: Takeaway
  • Saturday :: Chimichurri chicken – ended up having something different again!
  • Sunday :: Roast dinner – YES. And it was amazing. I don’t know why we don’t do it more often?!

Ok, so looking forward to this week:

Monday :: Creamy chicken spinach & parmesan pasta

This recipe from Eatwell 101 looks lovely, I know for a fact Edith will be fuming with the spinach but she will get over it.

Tuesday :: Lasagne

I have some mince in the freezer that I need to shift to make room for other food so I’m making everyone’s fave. I think next week I’m going to make MY fave veggie lasagne. It’s better, I don’t care what Adam says.

Wednesday :: Chicken Burrito casserole

This looks so lovely – I’ve bought some sweet potato fries to go with it! Recipe is from Kay Nutrition.

Thursday :: Lentil Dahl

I never liked lentils until more recently, and I don’t know if I only like red lentils – I’ve got a recipe later in the week to try puy lentils so we will see. Regardless, I like this! This recipe is from Sweetpea & Saffron.

Friday :: Takeaway

Best day of the week if you ask me.

Saturday :: General Tso Chicken

Now this sounds like a lush Saturday night meal, I’ve ordered some spring rolls to go with it! Recipe from Natasha’s Kitchen.

Sunday :: Vegetarian Shepherd’s pie

Ok, this one will be a test. We will see what everyone makes of it, it looks amazing, but I’m not sure whether the lentils will be a win. I have made veggie cottage or shepherds pie before with no meat mince and it’s been lush! This is from The Flavours of Kitchen.

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