Meal Plan 31/1

Ok, I know I start a lot of meal plans with this sentence BUT… one day I AM going to be more organised and have this sorted wayyyyyy before mid morning on a Monday. I should start posting it on a Sunday really shouldn’t I? I’ve said that too… balls.

Anyway, let’s flash back to last week, if you missed it, it’s here.

  • Monday :: Hot dogs and Burgers – they loveeed the Fry’s hot dogs but the burgers didn’t go down as well. Toby, who doesn’t like hot dogs (well, frankfurters) has asked for these again! WIN!
  • Tuesday :: Chicken curry – she requested pasta. I was offended.
  • Wednesday :: Chicken casserole – everyone loved this, Edith picked out the carrots.
  • Thursday :: Fish n Chips – went down a treat, I might buy some more of the Lidl fish because it was really good!
  • Friday :: Honey Garlic chicken – it was delish but not a single other person liked it this time. Did this inspire rage when everyone liked it last time? YUP.
  • Saturday :: Takeaway – we didn’t but I can’t remember what we did have… toasties I think.
  • Sunday :: Sunday roast – SOUND THE FOOKING CLAXON SHE DID IT!! I made one and frankly, it was EVERYTHING.

Monday :: Chicken Curry

From my book, yes. It’s such a winner and since I didn’t end up doing it last week, I’m plowing ahead today. I’m going to try throwing in some of the left over carrots and swede from yesterday’s meal too because it’s that kind of curry.

Tuesday :: Pork carnitas

I’m going to get some wraps (or maybe taco shells) and use this recipe for that. You can find the recipe at Chef Savvy.

Wednesday :: Out Out

The kids are going out for a meal with their grandparents and we are going OUT OUT. So excited.

Thursday :: Peppered Steak

Another one that is slow cooker material (probs going in the pressure cooker for me, not lying) that I think the boys might enjoy… whether Edith will, who knows. Recipe is from The Magical Slow Cooker.

Friday :: Chicken Pasta Bake

This looks insanely good, and I wanted to go with something a little different but pasta! It’s from one of my fave foodie blogs Don’t Go Bacon My Heart.

Saturday :: Takeaway

Sunday :: Sunday Roast

It was so worth doing last week I’m doing it again. I’M GOING IN!

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