Meal Plan 24/01

Happy Monday! It’s a busy week here in the Shearsmith household – Edith’s birthday is tomorrow, her party this weekend and I’m preeeetty sure she’s planned at least a full week of festivities ha!

Let’s have a look at how the meal planning went last week:

  • Monday :: Chicken, artichoke & baby potatoes – this was so nice and the kids mostly enjoyed it!
  • Tuesday :: Chicken chop suey – I used chicken style strips from Fry’s and omg they were so nice!
  • Wednesday :: Sausage and Mash bake – went down a treat, as you would expect!
  • Thursday :: Feta Pasta – winnner, Reuben and Toby loved it, Edith hated it with a passion.
  • Friday & Sat – takeaways and general madness.
  • Sunday :: Sunday Roast – ended up grabbing pizza from the shop because we were so knackered!

So moving on to this week:

Monday :: ‘Hot dogs’ & Burgers

I have some non-sausage sausages and plant based burgers in the freezer that I really need to use up, so tonight will be hot dog and burger night! These are from Fry’s Family and you can find them in Asda.

Tuesday :: Chicken Curry OR plain pasta wiht a side of birthday cake…

It’s Edith’s birthday and her two fave things are plain pasta OR my chicken curry from my book, which you can buy here.

Wednesday :: Chicken Casserole

This looks wonderful, and Nicki from Kitchen Sanctuary makes the most delicious meals!

Thursday :: Fish and Chips

I have some fish fillets in the freezer again so I’m going to use that up in the classic way!

Friday :: Honey Garlic chicken

This one is a fave in our house – it’s from my fave Taming Twins, and it’s so delicious, not to mention really easy to make!

Saturday :: Takeaway

Sunday :: Sunday Roast

Right, one day I’m GETTING my Sunday roast, and it’s the one.

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