Meal plan 28/09

WELL that weather took a turn didn’t it?

I have two things I would like to note from last week that I will be carrying into this week. First one is that I am going into hibernation mode – I’m constantly tired and I’m eating all the time. Before you ask me if I am preggo, hold your inappropriate question, I am not. I’m just like a human version of a grizzly bear – grumpy, constantly seeking food and sleeps through the colder months.

SECOND THING is food related – my kids (well, the boys but frankly with the way she eats, the jury is out on whether Edith is mine) liked the soup I made. So I’ve checked the weather, I’ve pulled the vacuum packed jumpers out of their hiding place and I am going to make several soups this week because I love me some soup in cold weather. They still won’t take it to school because of course.

So round up of last week:

  • Monday :: Baked crack chicken – frankly one of the best things I think I have cooked for a time. It was LUSH. Everyone enjoyed it.
  • Tuesday :: Italian hearty chicken soup :: Phwoar this was nice. I mean really nice. As in, I’m going to make it again and again.
  • Wednesday :: Penang curry – made it with chicken, it was such a hit that I had to add another chicken breast to the leftover to make Edith lunch the next day. She loved it.
  • Thursday :: Rasta Pasta – this didn’t go down well. I thought it was tasty but I greatly under estimated how spicy jerk paste is and the kids were quite obviously in agony trying to eat it. Edith took one mouthful and her eyes started to water. Maybe it was just the paste I had?
  • Friday :: Dirty cajun rice – I couldn’t be arsed and ordered us all pizza. I’m not even vaguely sorry.
  • Saturday :: Takeaway – did we let the fact we had a takeaway the night before hinder our second takeaway? Did we hell.
  • Sunday :: Lasagne – yummers! Although I confess I reeeeeeally couldn’t be arsed. I did manage to hold back a little bit of bolognese for the kids for lunches.

So onto this week:

Monday :: Old El Paso chicken pockets

I am going to be working with Old El Paso again, if you follow me on instagram you will know that we are big Old El Paso fans – they are just so easy to use and create really yummy meals with minimal effort. Head over to instagram and give me a follow to find out what we make of them.

Tuesday :: Asian Chicken Noodle Soup

This looks like something I will really enjoy, and frankly I am hoping the kids will love it too because it’s noodles and it’s full of flavours they should love. The recipe is from Delish.

Wednesday :: Beer Braised Chicken Pot Pie

I might not do the dumplings… it really depends on whether I can be bothered! I’m loving the sound of this, you normally hear of beer being used for steak recipes so with chicken I’m not sure. Also, if there are leftovers the kids will have the great joy of telling the teachers they have brought beer to school… Recipe by Half Baked Harvest.

Thursday :: Chicken Stew

Another chicken stew… another chicken recipe! I’m basically just feeding everyone chicken every day. I feel like I’m either going to be making a lot of bread this week or I will be buying a lot on the day (I haven’t put it on the list as it will just be crap if I order it on Monday and have to store it until Thursday) This recipe is from Yummly and looks really tasty and easy.

Friday :: Mulligan Stew

Another day, another stew. It’s so lately, it’s either stew or soup for me. I’ve found this one via Small Town Woman and I think it sounds like something really simple and yum! It’s also likely to be very warming for Toby and Adam to heat up when they get home from football practice.

Saturday :: Takeaway!

The newly appointed Saturday night takeaway and movie family night!

Sunday :: Lasagne Soup

Ok… I’ve seen this so often and I’ve always wanted to try it. It doesn’t really sounds like my usual cup of tea but as Adam adores Lasagne and the kids really enjoy it, I’m hoping it will be a popular one. This recipe is from I Am Baker.

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