Meal plan 21/09

Guys. I am SHATTERED. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been as tired as I am, I’m constantly knackered at the moment. Just done for. I also found this weekend so hard with the kids, I don’t know if it’s just not having them about and then all of a sudden BAM they were there and overtired, I was overtired… anyway, it felt like effort. Looking forward next week, I think it will be even more knackering as we’re going to have the return of several afterschool clubs… two on one day at the same time!

Anyway, food. Let’s look at last week:

  • Monday :: Chicken Gyros – lush, a really nice change to be honest!
  • Tuesday :: Lamb tagine – I ended up using beef. It was a hit, Edith asked for leftovers for school and then didn’t eat it when she was there. Sigh.
  • Wednesday :: Marinaded cod – we all loved this to be honest, I did Adam chicken.
  • Thursday :: Crispy potato pie – really yummy, absolutely no leftovers!
  • Friday :: Takeaway – ack, Toby’s football is a feckin’ nightmare and has totally trashed our movie and takeaway nights. We’re moving them to Saturdays! I cooked us the thai curry I had down for Sunday!
  • Saturday :: Full English – I did this on Sunday and it was lush, though to be honest, fry ups are actually quite an effort to cook. We had pizza!
  • Sunday :: Curry – This was amazing, really yummy, but I did it on Friday.

So this week:

Monday :: Baked Crack chicken

I keep seeing recipes for crack chicken online and I’ve never tried it, so here we go, we’re trying it. I think this is the kind of meal you cook with some potatoes so I’ve plonked some new potatoes on the weekly shop to go with it, as well as some broccoli. This recipe is from Diethood.

Tuesday :: Hearty Italian chicken soup

Ok, my kids are really funny with soup. Really picky and I can make it the best soup in the world and they will decide they aren’t that keen. However. Toby’s lovely teacher was chatting to me about the hot food they are taking in and asked me if I would send soup, and when I told her they were really picky with soups she suggested a minestrone which I think I have tried but hey, why not try again? So this from The Cozy Apron might well be a hit or a flop.

Wednesday :: Vegan Penang curry

Ok, I *may* make this a chicken curry, or just keep it veggie, but I’m going to ditch the tofu because I just don’t think anyone will like it. I love halloumi though so I may try subbing that, but they can be really funny with it! This recipe is from Running on real food.

Thursday :: Rasta Pasta

The name made me smile! It actually sounds like something my family would love – it’s pasta with Jamaican inspo in the flavours and I am HERE for it. It is prawns so I will have to do something slightly different for Adam because he just won’t eat seafood but he will be more than happy with it prawn-less. The recipe is from Chilli Pepper Madness.

Friday :: Dirty Cajun Rice

This looks really yummy, and hopefully it will be warming for Toby & Adam when they come home from football practice! I’m most likely going to use beef mince, and I will probably cheat by popping most of the ingredients in the pressure cooker. This recipe is from Pinch of Nom.

Saturday :: Takeaway!

Sunday :: Lasagne

A firm fave for Adam, which I know I say every time. On top of that, if I make double the amount of bolognese that I need for the lasagne, I will have enough for spag bol for the kid’s lunches once the following week. It’s all about the freezer ladies and gents, all about the freezer!

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