Meal Plan 27/06

Well last week was a loooooonggggg week. Our dog, Yoda, had to be put to sleep unexpectedly on Thursday and then that evening Edith was struck down with a sickness bug. Whilst she’s better now, Toby picked up her baton in the early hours of Sunday morning and is still not 100%!

So reviewing last week is probably pretty pointless. Let’s just say it was shit and be done.

Monday :: Beans on Toast

The “I can’t be arsed but this is actually nutritional and everyone is likely to eat it” meal of the gods.

Tuesday :: Spaghetti Bolognese

Yes sir, another easy peasy meal – I will be throwing in some extra veg that I’ve chopped down and sending Edith with it the following day to school (it remains to be seen if Tobes will be at school!).

Wednesday :: Green Thai Curry

Recipe tin eats is one of my faves and so is green thai curry – it’s cheap and easy to do plus everyone eats it and generally bulk cooking means I have a meal for another night, what more could you want?!

Thursday :: Chicken Fajitas

Reuben will be home from his residential trip and that means his fave – that I can bung in the slow cooker (or pressure cooker if I forget) and bulk up ready for Friday lunch of either quesadilla or maybe even burrito!

Friday :: Chicken Chow Mein

Love a good chicken noodle! Edith, who is obsessed with pasta but doesn’t like noodles, does not… so rice for her. This is from Red House Spice.

Saturday :: Lentil Dahl

I don’t know how this will go down – I love a dahl but I often think my family wonder why I forgot the chicken! I might add some cauliflower to it! This is from Culinary Ginger.

Sunday :: Creamy Cajun Pasta

I’ve had cajun pasta before but this is from a site called Budget Bytes and I thought I would give it a try as it claims to be a great recipe for a low cost – let’s wait and see!

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