Meal Plan 4/6

Ok so this post is a little bit later than it would normally be BUT better late than never, yes? This past week has been a mixed bag and whilst there have been some really fun moments there have also been some times of upset, issues with bullying and a sickness big floating around! If I’m honest I feel pretty MEH this week, like I would just like a nap!

But onwards! Just before we do, let’s have a look at last week’s meals:

  • Monday :: Beans on Toast – always so easy to do and cheap as chips!
  • Tuesday :: Spag Bol – another winner that is just too easy. I actually sent the kids with leftovers the next day and freezed the rest!
  • Wednesday :: Green thai curry – super tasty and easy to make.
  • Thursday :: Chicken Fajitas – another one that is always a winner!
  • Friday :: Chicken Chow Mein – always yummy, Edith moaned about the noodles… even though pasta is her life source.
  • Saturday :: Lentil Dahl – I cocked this up and I was so annoyed with myself, I’ve managed to make it so thick it’s mush… but still tasty… but mush!
  • Sunday :: Cajun chicken pasta – didn’t go ahead because everyone was either away or ill!

Monday :: Coconut chicken curry with noodles

I have some noodles left over from last week so I’m going to make this for something a little different to the usual noodle dishes I make – the only issue being I couldn’t find any red thai paste and I don’t have all the ingredients to make it! This is from Kitchen Swagger.

Tuesday :: Cheesy Mexican Beef Hash

I love this, the recipe is from Hello Fresh – it’s delish!

Wednesday :: Chicken Gyros

This recipe from How to Feed a Loon looks amazing, I often add this kind of recipe and then never follow through with it so I’m going to have to really make an effort to do this!

Thursday :: Baked Potatoes

I’m working out of the house on Thursday, Adam and the boys are having their hair cut and Edith has gymnastics! So Baked potatoes that can be shoved in the slow cooker or in the oven on lowwwwww at about 2.30/3pm before the school run is ideal!

Friday :: Pressure cooker Rojo Fiesta chicken

Perhaps not the prettiest dish from This Old Gal, but my gosh it sounds delish – I will tone down the chilli because my family are all pathetic with spice ha!

Saturday :: Hibachi Chicken

I’ve seen this a few times and I finally decided to give it a go – the hibachi sauce is so simple to make and I think this is packed with things my family will enjoy! (Not Edith, she will see a veggie and protest like it’s a violation of her human rights.) This is from Healthy Fitness meals.

Sunday :: Sunday Roast

Will I? Won’t I? Who knows.

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