Meal Plan 21/12

It’s Christmas weeeeeeeekkkkk! OMG I love Christmas and there is nothing more exciting around Christmas than all the food! I mean, ok, perhaps the joy on the kids faces, the presents… blah, blah blah… anyway, back to food!

I thought I would include a few things that we will be doing POST Christmas day, as well as a full break down of some of the meals we’re having.

Before I do that, I need to let you know how last week went:

  • Monday :: Chicken Spaghetti – we had a takeaway! Tobes ended up being collected from school with belly ache so I did a picky lunch for the kids on their request instead of the heavy pasta.
  • Tuesday :: Pizza chicken – as delicious as the week before, just more pepperoni and cheese!
  • Wednesday :: Cottage Pie – everyone devoured it!
  • Thursday :: Bacon Wrapped chicken – Oh this was so yummy!
  • Friday :: Spag Bol – We actually had this and a movie night as Tobes couldn’t make it to football training with a poorly belly.
  • Saturday :: Takeaway
  • Sunday :: Dupiaza Curry – MAGNIFICENT!

So this week:

Monday 21st :: Instant Pot Florentine Chicken

This sounds like JUST the ticket for us on the first day of the Christmas holidays. Super quick, dump and go – this is from Karacarreo!

Tuesday 22nd :: Chicken Biriyani

Another one that I think will go down a TREAT but will be fairly simple and easy to do, I’ll marinade the chicken either the night before or on the morning! From Kitchen Sanctuary.

Wednesday 23rd :: Honey Mustard Chicken Bake

This looks so good from Taming Twins – I love a honey mustard bake and I hope that the kids will have grown into it!

Christmas Eve

Kids : Party food

I’ve ordered a load of things from Tesco so they will have a few bits of actual party food but it will be things like:

  • Crisps
  • Ham/cheese sandwiches
  • Mini sausages
  • chicken poppers
  • sliced fruit and veg
  • yogurts

Adam & I :: Camembert & Ham

We have been having this for the last 8+ years, and it’s always one of my fave meals of the year. Just me and him, cheese and wine, knowing the joy that tomorrow is bringing to our kids and each other. I LOVE IT.

Christmas Day Menu


Pain au chocolat & Croissant with an obscene amount of selection box chocolate

Lunch :: Christmas Dinner

We will be having a pre-made turkey with stuffing! I haven’t done extras this year and if I’m honest I’m 50% annoyed with the shops for not having the options I wanted and 50% relieved.

I do do a starter, which will be camembert with a pastry snowflake for us all to dip into. I just think it will be nicer for us as a family instead of the toast/pate and prawns thing we usually try to force.

Dessert – still no clue. I am so disappointed with all the selections from… everywhere this year! I wanted something like last year – we bought a chocolate mouse cake that was covered by a chocolate snowflake that you melted with the hot chocolate sauce. HEAVEN… I will say I never make dessert at Christmas and we never have Christmas pudding.

Dinner :: Buffet at my in laws

This is what we always do and it’s always such a treat!

Boxing Day Menu

Breakfast :: Bubble & Squeak, eggs, bacon and sausages

Literally the best way to use up leftovers. It harms my heart when we don’t have enough and I will always cook more! I LOVE bubble and squeak… I’m the only one though so I will be making that and just doing a normal fry up for everyone else… maybe even butties!

Lunch & Dinner :: Cold cuts, Turkey sandwiches & picky food

Forever and ever more.

That Other day after Christmas :: Turkey Curry

Right, I’m not being funny, but if you don’t have a turkey curry to use up some turkey leftovers, what are you doing with your life? It’s law. Like actual law. Maybe. This from Fuss free foods sounds LUSH.

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