Meal Plan 4/1/2021

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Well, 2020 is finally over and after being the worst year in modern history for a lot of us, it looks like we are all hoping for good things from 2021… I mean REALLY hoping.

At the moment it looks like we have a rocky few months ahead of us, but if we can do 2020 I firmly believe we can do 2021 and my instagram DMs are always open to anyone who is struggling and just wants a chat.

On to food – it’s a new year! So does that mean we are going to start clean eating and treating carbs like they have been deep fried in anthrax? No, no it doesn’t. I AM going to be upping the veggie game because lord knows the only veg I have seen recently is comes in a bag favoured by Gary Linekar.

Here we go!

Monday:: Tex Mex Chicken & Courgette (Zucchini)

I’m not sure what Edith will make of this (lie – I know she will hate it) but I’m pretty sure the rest of the family will enjoy it. I’m going to buy some Mexican microwave rice to go with it because it’s quick and easy and full of flavour! Find it from iReal Food.

Tuesday :: Spicy Chicken & Veg Soup

Now this recipe comes from Slimming Eats and despite being a website with lots of dieting/diet regime recipes, I swear to god they have some absolutely GLORIOUS recipes and they are well worth a look if you don’t find it too triggering. I love the sound of this. Will the kids eat it without a fuss? Probably not. I’m also going to carry on my tradition of saying I’m going to make bread and not. YAY! I’ll omit the spicy (cayenne so the fam aren’t all using it as an excuse not to eat it.)

Wednesday :: Eggplant (Aubergine) Caponata

I’ve never even heard of this Sicilian dish, let alone tried to make it – but it looks and sounds delicious. It says you can serve it with pretty much anything and recommends crusty bread or using it as a side dish to something like grilled chicken. I’m on the fence. I will probably do the crusty bread option… maybe even over some pasta? I’ll think on it. As an FYI apparently Caponata is really nice cold and as a little starter or a little party food. This is from Unicorns in the Kitchen!

Thursday :: Stir Fry Chicken & Veg Noodles

Now this is, without a shadow of doubt, my kind of meal. I lived for stir fries when I was younger (I love them with cous cous fyi) and I think this will *mostly* go down a treat with the kids and Adam. There will be some veg resistance from Edith, but meh, when is there not? This is from Barefoot in the Kitchen.

Friday :: Takeaway

Saturday :: Roasted Veg Lasagne

I realise I do this fairly often but honestly, I adore it, and it’s sooooo good for everyone really. It’s much nicer than normal lasagne with beef (unless you ask Adam and Edith, but really, do we need to ask them?) This is from Family Style Food and is the best one I think I’ve found so far, I mix up the veg depending on what we have in the house, but honestly, I think the roasting does wonders.

Sunday :: Chicken Fajitas

We usually use Old El Paso – highly recommend because I’m here for fuss free – but if you wanted to do it yourself, I think this recipe from Number 2 Pencil looks amazing!

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