Meal Plan 19/10

What a week! There have been so many COVID changes recently, it feels like constant change – byt the time you read this you might even find that things have changed again.

Personally, I would like to see the 2 week circuit break that has been discussed, with proper support from the government for industries that are suffering badly, not a half arsed “shut at 10pm for us will ya?” and no offer of financial restitution for the hours of service they are losing. But that’s just me…

Anyway, boo politics and corona, we’re here to discuss food!

Let’s re-cap last week – it was so much more successful than the week before – I was really pleased!

  • Monday :: Dublin Coddle – as expected the boys (and Edith for the most part) loved this and it was just ridiculously easy to make. A winner.
  • Tuesday :: Green Thai curry with veg – they loved it and I made double for the next day’s lunch.
  • Wednesday :: Stuffed Meatball bake – hugely popular and actually I really enjoyed them too!
  • Thursday :: White Lasagne – lovely though I will say it’s a good job I love cooking and spending time to wind down in the kitchen because it was an effort to make. Worth it though…
  • Friday :: Jamie’s curry – hugely popular – some went in the freezer for the following week!
  • Saturday :: Pizza – we had our movie night and gave the kids pizza really early because it was our anniversary, so we curled up on the sofa with a movie and our own fancy pants pizzas from Morrisons The Best range and loads of nibbles. It was lovely 🙂
  • Sunday :: Pie – Adam was so cross I put this on the meal plan for Sunday! HA! It didn’t even end up being made as we went for a lush dinner at my in laws!

So looking forward to this week…

Monday :: Korma chicken tray bake

Not sure what to think of this – after the last disaster with rice in a tray bake I’m anxious of this! Anyway, we’re still going to try it… fingers crossed! It’s from Taste.

Tuesday :: Baked Gnocchi

My kids really like gnocchi and it makes for a super simple easy meal, which is what I need on manic Tuesdays! This recipe is from Taming Twins. FYI when I do something like this I usually add a garlic bread on the side!

Wednesday :: Tapenade Chicken Bake

No idea if they will like this or not, but frankly this recipe from Great British Chefs looks amaze! If I remember I will make some crusty bread to go with it!

Thursday :: Chicken Tortilla Soup

I can hear my family hearing the word “soup” and panicking after the disaster of the meal plans a couple of weeks ago. This one looks lush and it will be a nice way to enjoy something we already really like! Recipe is from Spend With Pennies.

Friday :: Beans on Toast

Saturday :: Takeaway

Sunday :: Sunday Roast

YES. I haven’t done one for ages – against my better judgement we’re having beef because I feel like I can freeze it better when it’s been slow cooked like in this recipe from Super Golden Bakes. There will be yorkshire puddings, there will be veggies and there will be a delicious meal! NOM.

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