Meal Plan 12/10

Another Monday has wrapped around! It felt like last week went by in a blur! It just seemed to pass really quickly, in fact we seem to be speeding towards half term and Halloween at a rapid pace lately!

When it comes to food, last week had it’s fair share of disasters! I am going to take things back to basics this week because I am a bit fed up of trying new things and them not working out so well! HA!

Let’s recap last week:

  • Monday :: Chicken fajita bake – lush, everyone really enjoyed it though the kids didn’t like the sweet potato I did with it.
  • Tuesday ::Spag Bol – they enjoyed it and I saved some for their lunches on Friday.
  • Wednesday :: Chicken Divan – I actually messed this up with too many breadcrumbs! Damn!
  • Thursday :: Aloha Chicken – so bad we had to bin it and make sandwiches. I don’t get it – I followed the recipe and the taste was lush but the rice wasn’t cooked at all!
  • Friday :: Mac N Cheese garlic chicken – Mcdonalds HA! We ended up with a late night football match for Tobes so had a Maccy’s after school!
  • Saturday :: Takeaway – after the Maccys the day before we opted to have the Mac n Cheese today! Lush!
  • Sunday :: Chicken potato bake – really tasty, we all enjoyed it!

So this week I wanted to get back to some basics because, like I said, I’ve had two weeks of having the odd meal that wasn’t just not to their liking but pretty naff for some reason or another so I think it’s a week of cutting back!

Monday :: Dublin Coddle

I have never even heard of this! It literally sounds like the kind of food my kids would do anything for! I think they will love this, especially the three males in the household! I’ve pulled this recipe from Simply Scratch.

Tuesday :: Green Thai curry

This recipe from Heather Cristo looks amazing, so I’m absolutely going to add more veggies but – confession – I will be using a jar of paste and some curry because I just DO NOT have time on a Tuesday to mess about making anything!

Wednesday :: Cheesy Meatballs

These sounds right up Toby’s street, something I have no doubt he will want me to save some leftovers from ready for lunch! Recipe is from Wholesome recipe box.

Thursday :: White lasagne

Honestly, I chose this because I thought it would use up the lasagne and it would be an easier and cheaper alternative to beef as I’d already have chicken in… but it’s probably the most expensive thing HA! Anyway, worth it from Carls Bad Craving.

Friday :: Jamie’s Chicken Curry

I’m going to edit out the chillies and some of the powder from this recipe because the fam have no inherited my spice love! Anyway, this is a very simple and easy spoof of Jamie Oliver’s chicken curry from Searching for Spice.

Saturday :: Pizza

Kids are going to make their own pizza this week!

Sunday :: Steak & Mushroom pie

Adam’s request! This recipe is from Simply Delicious Food and… well it looks like it’s going to be true to it’s name.

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